10 Beach Bars
By Devin Hartmann | Published on May 24, 2016
10 Beach Bars

We all love the beach. Feet in the sand, sun in the sky, warm weather and cold drinks. But, what makes a truly noteworthy bar on the waterfront? Is it a tiki hut, open to let the cool breeze pass around you? Or, maybe it’s the little umbrella drinks that are so commonly served. From quirky local joints, to swanky upscale venues, whatever your drinking needs may be we set out to compile a list of beach bars that will have you packing your bags and booking a trip faster than you can say Piña colada.

1. San Trinxa — Ibiza, Spain
While a bit of a tourist hot spot, although rightfully so, San Trinxa is a gem among Spanish bars. The most colorful assortment of people pass through their doors daily with a magnificent view that will leave you speechless. Fresh food, with a surprising amount of fresh fruit in the mix, music that supremely demonstrates the culture of the land, and top notch service catering to your every need San Trinxa is must if passing through Spain.

2. Ty Coch Inn — Porthdinllaen, Wales
A diamond in the rough, no one would expect a beach bar in wales to best tropical bars around the world. Only accessible by foot, unless you are a local, a 20 minuet walk does not sound appealing but the reward is more than worth it. Friendly faces welcome you to the little island pub as you are met with good food and cold drinks. Come summer the place is booming, more so on weekends. However if you can manage a table you will surprised with how fast this small village pub will grow on you.

3. Pelican Bar — Negril, Jamaica
Beach bars don’t necessarily need to be located on the beach. Take Pelican Bar for example. To get there you need to take a water taxi but when you see where you are headed you would assume it to just be a worn down shack in the water. The Pelican Bar is so much more however, located in waist deep water, about a quarter mile out from the mainland this is the bar to go to when visiting Jamaica.

4. Rick’s Cafe — Negril, Jamaica
Sitting atop a cliff we round out our list back in Negril. Rick’s Cafe is surely to amaze as tourists and locals alike take a leap of faith from the top of the cliff into the crystal clear water below. While there is a very real danger from jumping off this cliff, warning signs scattered about, the risk is well worth the cheers and a possible drink for your bravery. While we do not recommend any risk to life or limb seeing others is a spectacle in itself.

5. The Beachcomber — Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Looking for a place to take the kids but still have that urge to drink? The Beachcomber may not be the most unique or most luxurious, but where other bars strive in setting themselves apart with fancy drinks or crazy locations The Beachcomber is at the top of it’s game for being a family friendly bar with something to do for all ages. What some may consider a safe alternative, The Beachcomber is loved for it’s relaxed setting that evokes feelings of home even when you’re miles away. The Beachcomber is perfect after a long day on the beach and in the water, it is a much needed respite from the tiresome travel that comes with vacationing.

6. Dune Preserve — The Valley, Anguilla
Bankie Banks a reggae musician from the territory of Anguilla, known as the the Anguillan Bob Dylan, set out years ago to create a one of a kind bar. Made from driftwood, wrecked boats, sea shells, and what looks to be whatever else washes ashore this is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing bars in the world. With live music played almost constantly, sometimes Banks hopping on stage himself, tasty food and a signature rum pitcher that can knock the most hearty folks down the Dune Preserve is that one of a kind bar you just can’t wait to visit.

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7. Da Conch Shack — Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar lives up to it’s name immensely. The freshest seafood found on the island, and Rum out of this world this is the place to get seafood at reasonable prices. Boasting the best parties and live music every Wednesday, daily deals on select menu items, and souvenirs to help bring the memories back home with you Da Conch Shack needs to be seen at least once on this small peaceful island.

8. Baba Nest — Phucket, Thailand
Drinking in the lap of luxury has never been, maybe not easier but undoubted has never been as enjoyable until now. Baba Nest is the most stylish and exclusive rooftop bar in the world. A 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding scenery is your setting for this once in a life experience. High end wine, campaign,cocktails and more immerse you in one of the greatest places to be seen.

9. Ponta dos Ganchos — Santa Catarina, Brazil
Brazil is littered with beaches and bars. So how can we pick one above the rest as the number one beach bar in the country? After seeing the resort that this bar accompanies it was a clear and obvious choice. Not a place that anyone can just walk up to and order a beer but something that will take delicate planning and saving up for, Ponta dos Ganchos is for the elite and those committed to making the journey.

10. Jimmy B’s Beach Bar — St. Pete Beach, Florida
Voted the best beach bar in Florida in 2015, on top of hitting multiple top-10 lists, Jimmy B‘s is as much a staple of Florida pleasure as the beaches themselves. Live entertainment daily, night and day, indoor and outdoor bars, and a rustic relaxing view bring everything together. Whether it’s spring break or a summer vacation you’ve been planning for years remember to stop by and take in without question the best bar Florida has to offer.

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By: Devin Hartmann | Published on May 24, 2016

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