10 Cheap International Vacations
By Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on May 3, 2017
10 Cheap International Vacations

Adding up all that’s involved, travel is expensive these days, and returning from vacation just leaves you with an empty wallet. Sure, the experience was worth it, however, there are trip destinations that won’t break your bank account. These destinations provide all-inclusive stays without breaking the bank.

1. Uganda
Known as the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is definitely a trip to consider taking. For a small country, there are tons to do and explore. It’s home to the tallest mountain range in Africa, Ruwenzori Mountains. It feeds the world’s longest river and the continent’s largest lake. Wildlife here comes in a wide range of exotic and fascinating animals, like the planet’s remaining mountain gorillas. As for one of the safest destinations in Africa, it also comes with a cheap price. An average daily cost including hotel, food and entertainment would be around $50. For a place so thrilling, the price isn’t too pricy.

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2. Jamaica
Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places to visit for vacation. Adventure is natural here, and there is so much to do with family or friends. From water sports to horseback riding and zip lining, the possibilities are endless. They also provide tasty jerk dishes and boast wondrous five-star restaurants. And, you can get your hands on this all for a fair price. All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica run around $150 to $230 a night, making the price a steal.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Kitty Schweizer

3. Bangladesh
Those who live in Bangladesh have strong faith in their religion — the culture is surely passionate in their beliefs. This fascinating destination is one to write down on the list because of the experience you’ll gain out of. Outside of exploring the nation’s villages, shopping downtown and eating their eclectic cuisine, taking a day trip into the jungle is a must. A day in the country can cost about $57, with so much to do in a place not frequently traveled, the price is great.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Francisco Anzola

4. Hungary
Hungary isn’t large in population, but the activities to engage in run deep. Located in the heart of Europe, it’s rich culture and history make this a destination to desire. It’s truly a lifestyle that’s eager to be experienced by visitors. Hungary hosts countless festivals through the year celebrating a specific events all throughout the streets. Many hotels there are just $20 a night, and transportation can be as cheap as a dollar, plus getting huge meals in markets is a measly five bucks. Can’t complain.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Thomas Depenbusch

5. Ecuador
Ecuador is a destination that’ll provide an adventure filled with lasting memories. Their ocean life is beautifully filled with colorful creatures and you can scuba dive or snorkel to get an up-close-and-personal look. The country consists of many great mountains, some even volcanoes, where exploring and hiking is a must. You can even consider biking up the mountain’s routes, so be sure to check out the amazing views from the top. Restaurants and bars offer top-quality cuisines and drinks to indulge in. As for price, most of their meals are about $3 and transportation across their cities is as little as 50 cents. Conveniently, the majority of hotels are about $25 a night, but more luxurious digs can cost upwards of $90.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Rinaldo Wurglitsch

6. Thailand
What’s a more exciting trip than visiting Thailand? This wonderful country consists of Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and stunning islands. Friendly people surround the waterside country, so don’t be afraid to approach the locals with any questions. Authentic Thai food is to die for, and with perfect weather for most of the year, dining around the country is the cornerstone of most vacations. Thailand also offers great spas with skillful masseurs and masseuses to extract stress, ideal for any vacation. A three-week trip to Thailand can cost about $1,700, and yeah, that includes flights. There are hotels where you can spend $3 for a room per night to $1,000 if you prefer something more high-end.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Fernando Garcia

7. Peru
Otherwise known as the “Land of Hidden Treasure”, Peru is a surefire trip that won’t leave you scraping pennies. The Peruvian people are so proud of their history and culture, making tourists feeling welcomed. Taking a journey through their trails up mountains is one of their most popular activities. Tourists can hike up Machu Picchu, mountain bike and even rock climb. Water sports are also a big hit here with diving, surfing, rafting, kayaking and many more activities available. A regular three course lunch would cost around $3 and a typical room at a hotel can range anywhere from $8 to $10. For a trip this cheap, you shouldn’t let it slide so easily.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Pedro Szekely

8. Dominican Republic
Known to be the second largest and most diverse Caribbean country, Dominican Republic is made up of hospitable and friendly people. Nature here is like no other compared to other destinations, with their white sandy beaches attracting tourists from all over. An all-inclusive resort can price around $729 for a five-night stay, but that’s not bad for the beauty that’s included.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Ben Kucinski

9. Croatia
Home to age-old forests, vineyards and tranquility, there is so much Croatia has to show. Nature is a huge attraction for them and according to the European Commission, Croatia’s sea is the purest in all of Europe. Some of their beaches are considered amongst the most beautiful in the world. There are a vast array of sights to see in Croatia, such as their national parks, historical cathedrals, old towns and villages, as well as a wealth of popular landmarks. With so much to do it’s almost not right to pay such a little price for the experience. There are hotels where you can spend only $10 a night. An average day would cost about $70 dollars on food, activities and transportation.

10 Cheapest International Vacations © Marko D

10. Argentina
From their traditional dances like tango to mouthwatering dulce de leche treats, Argentina is a beautiful country to spend your holiday at. Friendly and welcoming people openly share their culture and offer top-quality meals to taste and feast on. They also have a passion for football (soccer), and the majority of those living there are huge fans. Birdwatching in Argentina is actually really popular; you can get really close to the action and witness hundreds of different bird species roaming around forests and grasslands. There are also multiple areas to play golf, and most are surrounded by beautiful foliage to enjoy. Who knew a trip to Argentina would be on the list for one of the cheapest vacations in the world? A regular day spent is about $25, which is hard to believe because of how popular the country is.

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By: Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on May 3, 2017

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