10 Landmarks to See
By Tyler Blackman | Published on July 28, 2015
10 Landmarks to See

The world is a vast place chock-full of different experiences for our choosing. Whether it’s completing an Ironman or calmly relaxing in the tropics, the choice is entirely ours. Most people have a bucket list of places or sights they want to see before they go, so here’s a few landmarks on ours.

1. Empire State Building
Located in New York, New York, it’s magnificent edifice is renowned worldwide and is the pride of the Big Apple. This 102 story (1400 ft.), Art Deco-styled building stands tall in Midtown on 5th avenue and took only two years to build. With the observation deck at the top opened from 8am-2am, anyone can go up to the top and enjoy the magnificent view day or night.

10 Landmarks To SeePhoto courtesy | Glenn Beltz

2. Golden Gate Bridge
Set in iconic San Francisco, California, the bright, red-steel bridge is one of America’s landmarks. Connecting San Francisco and Oakland, this 8,000 ft., six-lane bridge has been around for nearly a century. Beginning in 1933 and completed by 1937, the 1.7-mile bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world until the 1960’s. Famous for its unique look, this bridge is now crossed by thousands daily.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Giuseppe Milo

3. Big Ben
The famous Big Ben (referring to the clock itself), resides in London, England, and is official named the Elizabeth Tower. Built in 1858, in a neo-gothic style, the 315 ft. tower is actually part Westminster. It has grown in popularity over the past century and is proudly referred to as “the poster child” of England.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Maurice

4. Eiffel Tower
Set in Paris, France, this is another must-see attraction. The 1000 ft. tall, three-floor building is the most iconic figure from the “city of love”. Open to the public since 1889, the tower has two restaurants on two-lower floors, with a third-floor observation deck at the top. The Eiffel Tower continues to be one of the worlds’ most visited places for both the beautiful city and famous landmark.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Zaza

5. Great Wall of China
The 13,100-mile-long wall is one of the largest structures in the world. It’s construction started in 220 B.C during the Shihuang dynasty and officially completed sometime during the Ming dynasty. Built solely out of stone, brick, dirt and other natural resources, the Great Wall was the first man made object that could be seen by the naked eye in space.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Lydia Liu

6. Statue of Liberty
This famous New York City statue has stood tall for over a century. Received as a gift to America from France, it’s been seen by many immigrants to the United States as a symbol of liberty, freedom and comfort. This famous landmark allows visitors inside of the statue.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | David Phan

7. The Stonehenge
Next on the list, resting in Wiltshire, England, this magnificent structure’s exact construction date, why and how it was created are still unknown and highly debated. The mystery and beauty behind the structure make it an extremely popular sightseeing destination.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Qalinx

8. Chichen Itza
Formally home to Mayans, these present-day Mexican ruins are a staple of the region. True works of art for their time period, these structures remind all visitors of the ancient powers. From stone sculptures to massive buildings, it’s by far one of the most famous Mayan cities. At certain times, when standing in a particular spot the sun creates a shadow that appears to be a “shadow” snake.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Paul Simpson

9. The Taj Mahal
Perhaps India’s most recognizable landmark, the Taj Mahal has often been referred to as the “jewel of Muslim art in India”. The mausoleum was built for Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife of three, Mumtaz Mahal, as her final resting place. This beautiful structure is just another, of a long list of amazing architecture examples in place before modern technology was available.

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Paul Mannix

10. The Blue Domed Church
Last, but in now way least is the Blue Domed Church in Santorini, Oai, Greece. Featured in hundreds of movies, this beautiful chapel overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It’s old-school design fittingly follows the rest of the city. Additionally, many agree that the sunsets over the Mediterranean are some of the best in the world. So, do you need any further reasons to visit?

10 Landmarks to SeePhoto courtesy | Alaina McDavid

With over 200 countries in the world, it’s impossible to see every beautiful and breathtaking place. But we can all make a valiant effort to try. Before you leave, be sure to read our “10 Vacation Necessities” article to make sure everything is packed and in order for takeoff.

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By: Tyler Blackman | Published on July 28, 2015

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