10 Must-Visit Spain Tourist Attractions
By Amanda Stutz | Published on September 19, 2017
10 Must-Visit Spain Tourist Attractions

Bordering both Portugal and France, Spain is a vibrant country that offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean, some referring to it as “the country of passion.” Compared to the United States, Spain is filled with narrow streets and small windy roads, offering a unique cityscape. Whether one is visiting Spain for its exciting nightlife or to visit ancient cathedrals, the tourist attractions to visit are endless! The following tourist attractions allow visitors to live through Spain’s history and learn more about its fascinating culture.

1. Museo del Prado
Located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, Museo del Prado is the most famous art museum in Spain. It’s not only one of the most-visited museums in the world, but a must-see historical site. When visiting, one can view the work of Francisco Goya, one of the most well-known artists. To skip the line, tickets can be bought online!

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2. Plaza de España
Known as the filming location for one of the Star Wars movies, Plaza de España is located in Seville. It offers a panoramic view of the wide-spaced palace, with a magnificent waterfall in front and trees in the background. Government buildings are mainly located here. However, it is an iconic spot to take photographs when visiting.

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3. Puerta del Sol
Puerta del Sol is a public square that is known to be the night hangout in Madrid! Similarly to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, this spot is the go-to place in Spain on this particular day of the year. It is one of the busiest places in Spain, so be sure to visit here if you enjoy being surrounded by a lot of people. Compared to other Spain tourist attractions, this square is lively every night of the week.

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4. Carnival of Cádiz
Cádiz is a little peninsula that jets out and overlooks Rota Bay, an ancient city in Spain. The Carnival of Cádiz that occurs here is the second largest celebration outside of Rio de Janeiro for Mardi Gras. The streets are packed with people during this celebration, which lasts for about two weeks. There are wagons filled with people dressed in unique costumes. People perform political satire skits and there are contests to see who has the best one. When visiting Spain, one should try to come during the end of February or early March to attend this celebration!

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5. Chocolatería San Ginés
Known for its excellent churros, Chocolatería San Ginés is a spot that is most-commonly visited by tourists. This chocolatería is a short walk from Puerta del Sol, so one can kill two birds with one stone. Chocolatería San Ginés is undoubtedly one of the most popular chocolaterías in Spain. Since it is open in the late afternoon and night, it is a perfect spot to visit before going out on the town.

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6. Sagrada Familia
If you are interested in visiting Barcelona like the Cheetah Girls did in the second movie, the Sagrada Familia is go-to tourist site! Sagrada Familia is a beautiful Catholic church that is unfinished, making it all the more interesting to visit. The construction was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and finally picked up again in 2010. To this day, it is still incomplete, but is still an awe-inspiring place to visit. While the exterior of this cathedral is beautiful, the interior is ten-times more breathtaking, as it is constructed with high ceilings and bright, colorful glass.

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7. Temple of Debod
Originally built in 200 B.C., the Temple of Debod was given to Spain as a gift from Egypt as a symbol of gratitude. In the 1970s, it was rebuilt to look more modern. It is currently looked at as a spectacular place to view the sunset in Madrid. Visitors are allowed to walk around the structure and appreciate how representative it is of being the sole piece of Egyptian architecture in Spain.

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8. Casa Lis
The Casa Lis is a decorative arts museum located in Salamanca, which features work from the end of the 1800s to World War II. It is sometimes referred to as Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Déco. The interior of the museum is stunning, as it contains vibrant, colorful ceilings. When visiting the Casa Lis, one is able to travel through time and learn more about Spain’s history.

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9. Corral de la Moreria
Corral de la Moreria is the best place in Spain to watch flamenco dancing! Flamenco does not only involve dancing, but also singing and guitar-playing. Although it originated in Spain, it has spread to all parts of the world. Reservations to view the flamenco dancing must be booked in advance and can be made online. One can eat delicious Spanish food while enjoying this one-in-a-lifetime experience of watching flamenco dancing at this well-known location!

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10. Museo del Pueblo Gallego
Located in Santiago, Museo del Pueblo Gallego gives visitors a look at Galician history, which spans across the course of several centuries. Galicia is an ancient part of Spain, where it is recorded that humans have been known to live here in the Middle Paleolithic period. Artifacts such as fishing boats are displayed in this historical museum, as fishing is a key part of Galician culture. There is a beautiful triple spiral staircase in this museum, which is a key photograph that visitors take when touring this location. Compared to other Spain tourist attractions, this one is one of the most ancient, as it dates back to the 13th century.

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