Five European Honeymoon Destinations
By Adeline Tao | Published on April 6, 2018
Five European Honeymoon Destinations

Whisking away to Europe after getting married is every couple’s dream. Long walks along the Seine, sunsets by the Mediterranean, visits to the Louvre – the list of fairytale possibilities goes on. So much so that deciding on a destination can seem daunting. While any place can be an adventure, some regions have exceptional renown in specific areas. Here are five European cities perfect for you and your spouse’s unique interests.

1. For the history lovers: Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey is a fascinating country with a significant role in ancient history. Istanbul in particular was the center of empires such as the Byzantine, Roman, Latin and Ottoman. As a major part of the Silk Road, Istanbul was also the place where goods, traditions and ideas of many cultures converged. Just visit the impressive Grand Bazaar to experience cultural immersion at its finest. This market boasts about 4,000 shops over the span of 64 streets. You must also visit the beautiful Hagia Sophia, a museum that was once a prominent church and an imperial mosque. Looking around at the eclectic mix of European, Asian and Middle-Eastern culture will surely satisfy any antiquarian mind.

five_european_honeymoon_destinations_istanbul_turkey© Javier Parra

2. For the party lovers: Berlin, Germany
As fun as it may have been to party it up in your single days, it’s even more fun to have a dance partner for life at any of the crazy clubs in Berlin. Ever since the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Germans have made up for lost time by quickly creating arguably the best clubbing scenes in Europe. Hit up Berghain, known as the best of the best for quality music and a quality experience. If that’s too intimidating (or exclusive), try Cookies or Weekend Club, both located in Mitte, for a milder taste of Berlin’s famous nightlife.

five_european_honeymoon_destinations_berlin_germany© Kiefer

3. For the nature lovers: Reykjavik, Iceland
Venture off mainland Europe and visit Iceland for views as beautiful as your new spouse. (Too cheesy?) Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and largest city, so it’s a perfect spot for a mix of urban marvels and natural wonders. Hike the many trails available throughout the picturesque mountains and valleys. Then, take a dip in the popular Blue Lagoon spa heated by lava fields. And last but not least, you must enjoy a romantic night under the stars – or even better, the Northern Lights. Iceland is famous for this beautiful natural phenomenon, which is breathtaking sight that you have to see to believe.

five_european_honeymoon_destinations_reykjavik_iceland© Clry

4. For the food lovers: Naples, Italy
Dinner dates hereafter will have nothing on the fabulous meals encountered in the food capital of Italy. That may be a bold statement, but hear me out: Naples is the birthplace of pizza. So of course, you two must devour pies of true authentic Italian flavor to put your pizza-delivery days to shame. The must-go shop is Pizzeria Brandi, the place that started it all in 1889. Also feast on delicious pasta (puttanesca is a favorite here), seafood and a specialty dessert called sfogliatella. Sip on Southern Italy’s best wines and think about how food may never taste as good ever again.

five_european_honeymoon_destinations_naples_italy© Dej611

5. For the arts lovers: Vienna, Austria
Being the home of legends such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms and Liszt should be reason enough to visit Vienna, unofficially dubbed “The City of Music.” Concert halls put on spectacular shows honoring these groundbreaking musicians year-round, so be sure to dedicate a few nights for some dreamy classical music. Next, waltz the night away at traditional Viennese balls that may bring out the storybook romance in you two. Or, simply walk around old streets and marvel at the intricate architecture that has survived thousands of years. With museums galore and sights abound, the elegant charm of Vienna is the ideal background for any couple’s vacation.

five_european_honeymoon_destinations_vienna_austria© Dennis Jarvis

Europe simply seems to have this indescribable romantic feeling to it, and a honeymoon would not go to waste in any of its magnificent cities. Whether you and your partner are arts aficionados or history buffs, nature lovers or food connoisseurs, Europe easily has the perfect place.

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By: Adeline Tao | Published on April 6, 2018

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