Five Exciting Things to do in Ottawa
By John Conklin | Published on October 24, 2017
Five Exciting Things to do in Ottawa

Looking for somewhere to visit in both the winter and summer? A place that when people that say “sorry” they’re actually sincere? Whether you live a couple hours away or not, Ottawa is definitely a city with these qualities and one worth checking out. Located in Ontario, the eastern side of Canada, Ottawa is adjacent to New York state, so not to bad of a drive for the northeast United States. If you want to take the trip, but aren’t sure what to do, check out this list below for some ideas.

1. Haunted Walk of Ottawa
If Halloween’s around the corner, or if you just crave being scared, make sure to take a trip on the Haunted Walk of Ottawa. On this walk, you get to see and examine some of the most haunted buildings in all of Canada. The tour guides are fantastic storytellers and explain some of the horrors that happened in Canada, while talking about haunted monuments and sites throughout the country. Some of the storytellers claim to have had interactions with the haunted, so make sure to listen to them as you don’t want to upset the spirits in their resting places.

2. Canadian Tire Centre
If you are looking for some excitement, or want to enjoy the national sport of Canada, go and see the Canadian Tire Centre, home to the Ottawa Senators. It also has various types of entertainment, including concerts and shows, so there’s always something going that’s receiving a lot of attention from Canadians.

3. Rideau Canal
A great way to see the city is taking a tour along the Rideau Canal. On this tour, you get to experience having a scenic views of Ottawa from a unique perspective. Go when it’s warmer though, because when the temperature drops the canal freezes over, and the city turns it into an ice-skating rink. Whether you choose to visit Ottawa when it’s warm or cold, the Rideau Canal is something that everyone needs to experience.

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4. White Water Rafting
During the late spring to early fall, white-water rafting is one activity you don’t want to miss. Ottawa is home to one of the world’s best white-water rafting locations, admired by adrenaline junkies all over. With a range of difficulty levels, this experience can either test your strength and durability, or it can be a gentler, family-friendly ride. With camping available along the way, rafters can make this a multi-day trip if desired.

5. Supreme Court of Canada
For those with an interest in politics, consider visiting the Supreme Court of Canada. A wonderful tour is offered through this amazing facility, and they’re guided by local law students. The tour is also completely free of charge too!

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By: John Conklin | Published on October 24, 2017

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