Five Famous United States Skate Parks
By Alyssia Pacheco | Published on January 8, 2017
Five Famous United States Skate Parks

The United States is filled with insane skate parks from coast to coast. Thousands of skaters travel far and wide to find the craziest half pipes, rails, pools and runs that are out there. So take a ride with us as we explore five of the most famous skate parks in the country.

1. Denver Skate Park
One of the most popular concrete skate parks in the country is none other than the Denver Skate Park. With it’s many ledges, bowls and rails, there is something for every level of skill to try out. The park even features a 7/10 foot kidney for its skating fanatics. The skate park is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., so you can always find time to practice your best tricks. This Downtown Denver, Colorado spot draws in large and diverse crowds which shows how appealing the site truly is. The park is also known for having an amazing Denver skyline view that you just do not want to miss!

2. Lincoln City Skate Park
Once considered the “gnarliest skate park” by Thrasher Magazine, the Lincoln City Skate Park is known for its distinct size. The Oregon park consists of four separate bowls, The Cradle and Half Pipe, The Moguls Bowl,  the Swimming Pool and the newest addition, The Snake Run. The Snake Run is perhaps the most intense area as its possible to go over 25 mph on its downhill slope. Each bowl has its own unique style which keeps its skaters coming back for new adventures daily. Ultimately one of the coolest things about the Lincoln City Skate Park is that it makes new and exciting changes yearly to ensure the best experience for all who visit.

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3. Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park
You will never get tired of the same old skate park if you visit this next one on our list. The Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose, California is quite possibly all you could want and more. As the biggest skate park in all of California, the LCRSP is home to the world’s largest full pipe, highest vert wall and largest cradle. The 68,000-square-foot park is home to eleven skating bowls and is well lit for evening rides. In addition, many features within the LCRSP are actually recreations from original pieces from the 1960’s. Complex Sports has previously rated the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park the ninth best skate park in the entire world.

4. David Armstrong Extreme Skate Park
Next is the David Armstrong Extreme Skate Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Not only is this exciting 40,000-square-foot, concrete park open 24 hours a day, it’s also free! Previously known as the Louisville Extreme Skate Park, the site was renamed after its former mayor. This skate park is known nationally for being featured in Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark Tour. Skaters come from all over the world to skate on the parks concrete 24-foot-full pipe and impressive seven bowls ranging from four to 11 feet. However its thrilling 12 foot wooden vert ramp, rails and six foot flat bank are equally as popular.

5. Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Foundation Skate Plaza
Finally, we’re headed to Kettering, Ohio for our next skating paradise. This is of course none other than the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Foundation Skate Plaza. Originally, the idea for this park occurred when Kettering realized that local skaters needed their own area to skate instead of illegally skating on park property. So, in a cool twist, the skate park was designed to provide an urban feel with the help of Kettering native, Rob Dyrdek. By incorporating benches, ledges, rails and stairs, the 40,000-square-foot Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Foundation Skate Plaza feels like its own city. You might even see pro boarders skating when you visit!

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By: Alyssia Pacheco | Published on January 8, 2017

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