Five Floating Bars That’ll Make a Vacation
By Eric Kraljic | Published on September 17, 2016
Five Floating Bars That’ll Make a Vacation

For most people, the time spent away on vacation is the most cherished time of the year as it gives them a way to escape the reality of life back at home. Whether that time spent away is in a tropical, urban, or rural setting, there are certain aspects to every vacation that make it special. A new trend of floating bars have resulted in some of the newest and greatest ways to especially enjoy your vacation. These bars are found in vacation spots all over the world and will provide a drinking experience unlike ever before.

1. Floating Bar, Philippines
No need to explain what type of bar this is, The Floating Bar off the Bantayan Island in the Philippines, is exactly what you imagine it to be. Although the structure may not be the biggest, as it is comprised of bamboo, the view of the gorgeous sunsets from the bar make up for any capacity issues. Along with a full menu of drinks and food, the bar is only a few hundred feet from the beach, which allows some to swim up to the bar as well.

2. The Island, Sydney
As one of Australia’s most exciting and vibrant cities, Sydney is accompanied with numerous stunning beaches and a lively atmosphere. As part of that festive atmosphere, Sydney is home to a floating bar that greatly reflects the city’s culture. The Island, a 5-star floating bar which rests in Sydney Harbour, operates on summer weekends as visitors get to view the stunning skyline of Sydney.

 3. Jicoo Floating Bar, Tokyo
Similar to The Island Bar in Sydney, Jicoo Floating Bar is a state-of-the art floating bar that embodies the culture and spirit of Tokyo. The bar, which is located within a spaceship-looking boat, shuttles between pier’s within Tokyo Bay. The Jicoo Floating Bar is a microcosm of Tokyo, a bustling and vibrant city that can stun people with its beauty. This floating bar is without a doubt, a must visit and somewhat of a hidden gem in Tokyo.

4. Badeschiff, Germany
Perhaps the most ingenious floating bar of them all, Badeschiff is a structure comprised of a swimming pool straddled along the Spree River, accompanied with a man-made beach and outdoor bar. As the Spree River was deemed unsafe to the swim in, the Germans decided to build the pool and bar upon a wooden deck on the river. Badeschiff has become an entertainment center within Berlin, with concerts and parties taking place during the summer.

5. Cloud 9, Fiji
Located within the island country of Fiji in the South Pacific, Cloud 9 is perhaps the most unique floating bar in the world. What makes Cloud 9 different from others is its surreal location. This two-tier structure is stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about a 45 minute boat ride from the mainland, and is immersed within the tropical waters of the ocean. This floating bar also serves Italian Wood Fire Pizzas to appease any appetite as well. Whether traveling with friends or family, Cloud 9 even offers water sports within the surrounding waters to make this a truly remarkable experience.

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By: Eric Kraljic | Published on September 17, 2016

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