Five Hidden Surfing Spots They Don’t Want You to Know About
By Daniel Santos | Published on April 27, 2017
Five Hidden Surfing Spots They Don’t Want You to Know About

When you enjoy riding sick waves each summer, you’ll come across a few spots that you’ll want to keep to yourself. Imagine finding a nice spot to surf that only you knew about. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep this place secret forever? Just imagine surfing those waves without having to deal with competition, every wave is yours and yours alone. Here are some surf spots that people try to keep all to themselves.

1. Montauk, New York
Known as “The End” among surfers, Montauk was once a quiet fishing town at the east edge of Long Island has become home to surfers everywhere. The town is a busy tourist town located 120 miles away from New York City. Constant swells converge from all directions (south, west, and east) so expect good waves, a stunning coastline, and stellar fishing. Ditch Plains is where you’ll be finding most of the action. The small town is host to many restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hotels and is a popular vacation spot during the warmer weather months. If you’re a fan of surfing, be sure to plan weekend stay at Montauk.

Surfing_Image_1© Eve Chan

2. Haleiwa, Hawaii
Only an hour’s drive from Waikiki, Haleiwa sits on the North Shore of Oahu, the legendary surfer Eddie Aikua got his first taste of waves here and the surf haven of Ali’I Beack Park is the first of many breaks. The area stretching from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay is a surfer’s dream, especially when the colder months hit and surfers get to enjoy five footers, creating ideal conditions for the more advanced surfer. In town, expect nightlife and surfshack accommodations.

Surfing_Image_2© TD Lucas

3. Paia, Hawaii
Once a booming plantation town, Paia is comprised of miles of reef, white sand, and consistent surf. Located on Maui’s North Shore, the friendly, laid-back locals are a mix of wellness seekers and artists. While the waves don’t compare to Oahu’s North Shore, you’ll still find some solid waves, along with other beach activities like kite surfing. The winter beckons professional surfers with the promise of high swells. Paia is home to several restaurants, art galleries, surf shops and other tourist-oriented businesses. Once you’re finished with the killer waves, explore Paia to find these gems. Fun fact: Paia is located near many internationally known windsurfing spots, making it the “The World Capital of Windsurfing”. If you make it to Paia, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to do some great windsurfing.

Surfing_Image_3© Allie_Caulfield

4. Ruggles, Rhode Island
While Rhode Island may not be the smallest state, it makes up for it with their big waves. The town of Newport hosts Ruggles, a stretch of reed breaks with consistent, year-round riding conditions. Hurricane weather amplifies their waves for some more serious boarding experiences with sizeable, curvy waves. If you plan on doing this, be extremely careful not to get injured! Need a place to stay while you’re visiting? The Castle Hill Inn has the best sweeping sea views.

Surfing_Image_4© Christine Riggle

5. Malibu, California
An hour drive from Los Angeles leads travelers to the iconic, well-preserved surf town of Malibu. A long, unspoiled stretch of south-facing coast creates several breaks along Zuma and Surfider Beach. Malibu remains a surprisingly relaxed surf spot for those trying to find a nice place to surf in solitude. Need something more closed off? On the eastern side of the point is “Little Dune”, a surf spot which is only accessible by an unmarked trail below Wildlife Drive. Surfers can paddle from Paradise Cove to the area when the waves are breaking. Keep that one a secret, you didn’t hear it from me.

Surfing_Image_5© Kai Lehmann

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Cover photo © Sergei Gussev

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By: Daniel Santos | Published on April 27, 2017

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