Five New York City Museums
By Amanda Stutz | Published on August 17, 2017
Five New York City Museums

New York City, otherwise known as “The City That Never Sleeps,” contains some of the most-visited, most well-known museums in not only America, but the world.  They are landmarks that help tell a story, whether it is through art, history, culture, and so on.   When tourists visit all of the iconic New York City museums that there are to offer, they are receiving the ultimate experience of the Big Apple.  It is worth noting that visiting New York City museums are also a great way to spend a cold, rainy day, or even for a summer day trip.  Many of these museums are free or “pay what you wish,” which is something to look into before visiting.

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
One cannot visit Manhattan without visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, most typically referred to as “the Met.”  The steps of this museum often being shown in the TV drama series Gossip Girl, this art museum is the largest in America.  Entrance is free, but there is a recommended donation of $25.  Unlike some museums, visitors are allowed to take photographs throughout the museum.  Whether visitors are interested in art from Ancient Egypt, Japan or India, it can most likely be found at the Met.  Since it is such a large museum filled with so much diversity, guests usually spend about two hours at minimum here.  Out of all of the New York City museums, the Met is the one that is the most-visited.

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2. The Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum
A unique spot to visit for those who are interested in the military, ships, and planes, The Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum is located right in Hell’s Kitchen.  With regular admission, one can tour the U.S.S. Growler, a submarine that was used during the Cold War.  From touring this submarine, it is clear that these navy lived in extremely close quarters during this time.  Another plus is that admission is discounted for college students who display their student ID cards upon entrance.

3. Frick Collection
Located on the Upper East Side next to Central Park, the Frick Collection is one of the many art museums in in New York City.  One of its perks is that on certain days of the week, it is “pay what you wish.”  This helps those who are looking for something to do that is affordable.  It contains art collections of Henry Frick, mostly by European artists.  As compared to The Met, it is significantly smaller, and is about an hour-long visit.  Unfortunately, pictures cannot be taken throughout the majority of the museum.

Five New York City Museums© Paul Gorbould

4. American Folk Art Museum
Similar to the Frick Collection, the American Folk Art Museum is one of the smaller art museums in Manhattan.   It is located near Lincoln Square.  Admission is always free.  The art that is displayed in this museum is more modern and contemporary.  In contrast to other art museums, the exhibitions change every few months.  Each exhibition typically lasts for about six months.  This museum represents multiculturalism, as it also shows the work of African American and Latino artworks.  Pictures are usually not allowed to be taken inside the museum.

Five New York City Museums© Luisa Ribas

5. National Museum of the American Indian
A museum filled with culture and history, the National Museum of the American Indian contains artifacts from the Native American people.  Some of these artifacts include arrows, rocks with writing, pottery, and clothing.  There is an exhibition that contains beautiful clothing that was designed and influenced by Native Americans.  Although there are a limited number of Native Americans in the United States today, this museum shows that the Native American culture is still alive.   This museum is located Downtown, in walking distance from the Freedom Tower and Wall Street, just to name a few other local landmarks.  Admission is free.

Five New York City Museums© Wally Gobetz

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By: Amanda Stutz | Published on August 17, 2017

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