Five Organic Farms Around the World
By Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on February 15, 2017
Five Organic Farms Around the World

Groups and communities are getting together in building and producing their very own organic farms. Soon after the growth of volunteers and farmers, the creation of large and freshly processing organic farms became permanent and began trading to local markets and across the globe–this has certainly inspired and spread throughout the world in diverse countries. Organically processed foods such as fruits, vegetables and even herbs have introduced more garden-fresh meals and other consumer goods. Naturally grown foods without any harsh chemicals and other artificial ingredients can keep the body staying healthy all while creating a better global community. The planet has offered many beneficial natural resources to provide everyone with clean products and nutritious meals–and these countries are a few of the many that possess organic farms.

1. Turkey
As for one of the many countries that is close with agriculture and natural foods, Turkey has numerous organic farms that produce their very own foods for self-consuming and trading. One of their farms is called the Bugday Association Project and the program became official and launched in August 2002. It first started back in early 1991 in Bodrum, Turkey. The farm processes many foods such as natural cafe foods. The community have been very active in building up their farms and spreading around awareness, promoting organic agriculture and leading to representations of healthy, fair and sustainable consumption. Bugday is always accepting volunteer workers with a passion to help out.

Five Organic Farms Around The World © Yilmaz Oevuenc

2. Russia
The home of wild herbs and flowers, Russia’s first and most famous farm is Natura Siberica. The farm is about 33 hectares, which makes it the largest organic farm in Europe. With help from the community who have a passion in natural processing, they plant and grow rare Siberian herbs and flowers. With the use of these plants, the company is able to create products such as skin care, hair care, body care and other natural-based goods that don’t include any chemicals. The farm is built in Khakassia, because many rare Siberian herbs grow in that region — which makes the processing more beneficial. To spread awareness, a hotel will be constructed at the farm so people can visit as well as partake in harvesting the herbs.

Five Organic Farms Around The World © Olga Filonenko

3. Italy
Italy is known for many of their produce, especially their wine. Organic farms are scattered throughout this country in regions such as Biella, Torino, Cuneo, Alessandria, etc. Plenty of these organic farms make the finest wine and cheeses without any help from unnatural resources. One of them is located in Alta Langa, right across the Piemonte Alps — Piemonte. Farmers who work there have raised sheep and goats for nearly 15 years.

They produce high-quality raw milk and cheeses and selling them to local markets. They also grow fruit orchards, a vegetable garden, a vineyard and bees that create excellent honey. The farm also includes tourist attractions where tourists are served the farm’s best produce. Italians certainly do know how to take advantage of what the planet has to offer and formulating them into top quality goods for themselves and to share.

Five Organic Farms Around The World © Do You Wine

4. Egypt
Not many people know, but Egypt does have multiple organic farms planted in various sections of the country. They can grow and produce just as much with great quality as any other country. One of their farms is located in the Western desert, also known as The White Desert in New Valley Farafra Oasis, called Nessim Farm. Farms plant and grow fruits, vegetables, etc. that are naturally produced and fresh. Cats, donkeys, cows, fish and dogs live within the farm as well.

Despite the farm’s gardens, two relaxing hot springs are there for tourists to bath and enjoy themselves. The Aqua Sun Farafra hotel is situated right by the farm where tourists can stay at and learn and experience the process of the organic farm and producing foods to relish later on. You can visit Nessim Farm any day between the months of September and December. Egypt also has organic farms pinpointed in Dahab, Nuweiba, Giza, etc.

Five Organic Farms Around The World © Vyacheslav Argenberg

5. Vietnam
Many of the Vietnamese obtain their very own farms and a lot of them happen to be strictly organic. Such as one of the organic farms is a 0.25 hectares farm located in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. It’s settled on a cashew farm and is close by a well-known beach, Mui Ne. Not only does this farm plant and grow fresh fruits, vegetables and other organic goods, but it runs a play care center. The farm allows children between two and eight to enjoy and have fun at the center.

Farmers also get to show the children how to grow and harvest the foods as well as teaching them the good uses of the environment and how important nature is. There are chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats for the kids to pet and feed. Anyone is allowed to visit the farm at any time of the year and volunteer to help out with gardening and teaching the children. Vietnam has other organic farms located in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Giang, Phu Quoc, Ban Me Thuot, etc.

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By: Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on February 15, 2017

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