Five Remote Beaches
By Brianna Bizik | Published on December 14, 2016
Five Remote Beaches

We all love the beach, but do you ever notice that they often get a little too … crowded? Here are five great remote beaches that you won’t have to share with anyone else. Just you, the sand and the ocean blue!

1. Smuggler’s Cove, Zakynthos, Greece
One of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece, Smuggler’s Cove gets its name from a shipwreck that lies on the beaches between the large surrounding cliffs. The ship was full of smuggled, illegal cigarettes when it lost its engine and washed ashore in 1983.

This spot is remote because it is accessible only by boat, and it’s location is in a cozy cove so breathtaking that belongs on the cover of a magazine. The sands are white, the water is a clear bright blue, the limestone cliffs tower above and the shipwreck adds a touch of adventure. It’s the perfect beach day combination.

remote_beaches_smugglers© Heather Cowper

2. Monkey Beach, Tioman Island, Malaysia
If you’d enjoy sharing a crisp white shoreline with no one but a bunch of crab-eating Macaques, then Monkey Beach is the place to be. This stunning stretch of beach has no road access, so visitors can either charter a boat to the spot or walk a couple of hours along the coastline.  Swimming, camping in the nearby campsite, or a nice afternoon picnic are all great options for a day at Monkey Beach.

remote_beaches_monkey_beach© Catriona Ward

3. Les Sables Roses, Rangiroa, French Polynesia
“The Pink Sands” is one of the most immense natural aquarium. The secluded area includes a beautiful beach and a diverse lagoon that is great for divers and snorkelers. Both the Avatoru Pass and Tiputa Pass are located off of the islands. Unlike the soaring mountains that are unique to Tahiti, Les Sables Roses is known for it’s inlets and sandbars that surround the lagoon. The beach itself is covered in a soft sand that is actually a peachy pink color in the eastern corner, giving the area its name.

remote_beaches_les_sables© Dany

4. Rosalie Bay Beach, Dominica
There are a few resorts in Rosalie Bay, but a secret spot that many visitors don’t quite know about is the Rosalie Bay Beach. Just south of the town of Rosalie lays a little town with this stretch of beach that makes up the entire eastern edge. The shoreline is pretty untouched; there are no amenities, no beachside hotels, no bathrooms.  It is the nature lover’s ultimate dream spot. Ten miles away is Roseau, and it is the closest town to the beach and an entertaining area when you’ve spent an entire day in the peace and quiet.

remote_beaches_dominica© Ken Bosma

5. Wildcat Beach, California
Located within the Point Reyes Park in California, Wildcat Beach is 2.5-mile long beach on the southern end of the shoreline. There are several beaches within the large park, but Wildcat Beach and Campground tends to have few visitors since a 5.5-mile hike is required to reach the beach. But if you can tough out the hike, every drop of sweat will be worth it when the remote beach opens before you. Also located right on the beach is Alamere Falls, a rare type of waterfall called a tide fall that drops water 40 feet off it’s cliffside and rolls into the sea.  It’s rare to find a place so captivating yet remote, but Wildcat Beach delivers.

remote_beach_wildcat© Dr. Colleen Morgan

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By: Brianna Bizik | Published on December 14, 2016

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