Five romance travel destinations
By Amanda Stutz | Published on June 27, 2018
Five romance travel destinations

Whether it’s a honeymoon or simply a vacation, there are endless romantic destinations throughout the world that are perfect for visiting with a significant other. Rather than solely visiting romantic destinations in Europe, couples should visit other spots throughout North America, Asia and Africa as well. It’s important to do research on various romance travel destinations, so here’s five suggestions to start.

1. Venice, Italy
Venice is most well-known for its historical canals, where people ride around on boats to this day. It is said to be the most romantic city on Earth. Envision yourself riding on a gondola throughout the streets of Venice with your lover, while the sunset is in the horizon. Gondola rides may be expensive, but it is worth it for this once in a life time experience. Tourists can even choose to have a musician play during a gondola ride, at a more expensive cost.

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2. Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Falls is one of the most common honeymoon destinations for Americans. However, they are breathtaking to look at, even if you are not from North America. They consist of three waterfalls that are on the border of New York and Canada. Not only are the Niagara Falls spectacular to view, but it is the perfect spot to take a memorable photograph with a loved one. Rainbow Bridge, which is as beautiful as its name, allows tourists to walk from New York into Canada. It is shaped like a rainbow and offers a gorgeous view of Friday night fireworks.

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3. The Maldives
Located tropically in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives has crystal-clear turquoise water to snorkel in, which makes it a romantic destination for newlyweds. Many of the hotels on this island offer both private pools and private dinners. The palm trees that overlook the ocean create a secluded vibe for this island. It is the ideal place for a candle lit dinner by the sea, with not another soul in sight.

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4. Paris, France
It may seem cliche that Paris is considered one of the most romantic destinations of the world, but it is because the City of Lights is worth visiting. Isn’t it every couple’s dream to sip a glass of champagne in a cafe in this beautiful city? Whether you wish to see the Eiffel Tower or visit the famous Louvre Museum, Paris is truly the City of Love. As compared to cities in North America, Paris is a slow-paced city. Therefore, it is essential to take the time to stroll through the streets, sit down at every cafe, and explore every second-hand bookshop with your loved one.

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5. Cairo, Egypt
Whether it is the Nile River or the Great Pyramid of Giza, the history of Egypt dates back to thousands of years ago. This country not only contains ancient history, but also romantic destinations for a unique vacation with a loved one. The Nile River offers dinner cruises that are perfect for couple vacations. Additionally, there are horse-drawn carriages that allow visitors to explore the entire city.

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