Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.
By Jon Goldfarb | Published on January 4, 2016
Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.

Everyone who visits Washington, D.C. feels the grandeur of the United States’ iconic capital, known as a symbol of freedom to many. While Washington is jam-packed with sights to see, the famous ones often overshadow some of the smaller, more underrated hotspots that others know about and are truly worth exploring in the District. Here’s our stab at a quick list of lesser-known, but equally authentic places to visit in Washington.

1. The Smoke and Barrel Restaurant
If you’re looking for a great restaurant that is under appreciated by many, than arrange a dinner date at the Smoke and Barrel restaurant in Washington D.C. The restaurant serves your usual hot wings, grilled chicken, salads, sandwiches and so forth. It’s conveniently located at 2417 18th St near Meridian Park and Howard University, allowing visitors the ease of grabbing a meal or a drink and continuing on their way.

Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.Photo courtesy | Smoke and Barrel

2. The National Capitol Columns
It’s a strange landmark, but an interesting sight to see in the Nation’s Capitol. The Columns are located in the United States National Arboretum and are the most photographed attraction in the park according to the Arboretum’s website. The Column’s are located at 3501 New York Ave., near the Column’s is the Anacostia River and the Langston Golf Course.

Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.Photo courtesy | Nicolas Raymond

3. The Circle Hotel Washington D.C.
If anyone is looking to stay in a hotel in D.C., try booking a suite in the Circle Hotel located at 1 Washington Circle NW. The hotel may be a simple three-star hotel, but it is near the Shadow Room club, Bobby’s Burger Palace, District Commons and Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier.

Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.Photo courtesy | The Circle Hotel

4. The Lincoln Cottage
Probably one of the most underrated attractions in our nation’s capital, the Lincoln Cottage was home for Lincoln during his time as president and where he spent time with wounded soldiers, women and children. The Cottage opened to the public as a museum in February 2008 and is located at 140 Rock Creek Church Road NW. It is truly a must see for any traveler in the city.

Five Underrated Places to Visit in Washington D.C.Photo courtesy | Ron Cogswell

5. The International Spy Museum
Another very underrated museum that deserves a little light shining on it is the International Spy Museum. The Museum opened on July 19, 2002 and contains the largerst collection of espionage artifacts used in secret missions in history. Unlike other museums in the District, this museum wants it’s visitors to buy tickets. The price for the average adult is $21.95 according to the site, seniors, military and law enforcement officers get to pay $15.95, children from ages seven to 11 pay $14.95, and children six and under can enter for free. The museum is located at 800 F St. NW, and is more than worth the price of admission for any visit.

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By: Jon Goldfarb | Published on January 4, 2016

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