Five Unusual Restaurants
By Brianna Bizik | Published on October 31, 2016
Five Unusual Restaurants

An “alternative dining experience” should be more than foregoing you’re usual Applebee’s date night for a seat at the new pub in town. Food can get pretty weird, and many businesses try to beat out competitors by creating unbelievable experiences and themes for their customers to enjoy when grabbing a bite. Going out to eat is all about the atmosphere after all, and some restaurants take it to insane levels. Battling robots, food adorned in bugs and a restaurant rooting for your clogged arteries, these next five restaurants are going to leave you scratching your head … before booking a ticket to dine at these unusual eateries.

1. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas
If you’re looking for dinner with a side of heart disease, the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas is the place to go. This humorous restaurant’s food is no joke, with options like the Octuple Bypass Burger (and an option for an extra 40-bacon slices), the half pound Coronary Dog and fries deep fried in pure lard. Upon arrival customers are given hospital gowns to dine in and “nurses” come to take their order.

unusual_restaurants_heart_attack_grill© Michael Bentley

2. Robot Restaurant, Tokyo
It’s almost unfair to even call Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant a “restaurant.” The entire place is covered in shiny mirror finishes, the perfect setting for colorful lasers and lights to bounce off of. The restaurant has a bewildering show each night with neon LED lights in every nook and cranny, plush gold chairs and a cast of spectacularly dressed performers adorned in glitz and glam. And in the middle is a spectacular robot arena. When the robots come out to play, the party really gets started. Robots shaped like women, action heroes, dinosaurs, pandas, sharks and transformers fight and wrestle while diners watch. Showgirls in glitter ride giant mechanical spiders and glittery horses, all which playing to the beat of their drums. One thing’s for sure, The Robot Restaurant will leave you amazed.

unusual_restaurants_robot_restaurant© LotsaSmiles Photography

3. The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar
For your next romantic getaway, consider The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar. The restaurant itself looks like a mirage, perched in isolation over the Indian Ocean. Although small with about ten tables for guests, you can make reservations and experience the incredible view many can only dream of. There are cocktails and an array of wines to sip on while you wait for your main course. Fried carpaccio, crab salad, octopus and more await in this little piece of heaven.

unusual_restaurants_the_rock© Rod Waddington

4. The Black Ant, New York City
Have you ever looked at the pavement on a hot summer day and wondered about the taste of those juicy black ants scuttling around? If you have, then The Black Ant in NYC is the place to find out. This menu lets you try dishes with grasshoppers and drinks garnished in grated ants. Yes, grated ants. If smashed up insects aren’t you’re thing, there are also plenty of delicious options that will appeal to the less adventurous diners.

unusual_restaurants_black_ant© Krista

5. The Conflict Kitchen, Pennsylvania
Unlike most kitchens, Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen thrives on conflict. This restaurant serves dishes based off of countries that the United States is currently in conflict with. Every six months or so, they’ll rotate identities as well as their menu according to the current political issues. The restaurant not only serves out-of-this-world authentic cuisine to it’s customers, but it educates them on the food and cultures of the ever changing countries as well. We all get along a little better when great food is involved. What do you think?

unusual_restaurants_conflict_kitchen© Janey

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Cover photo © Rod Waddington

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By: Brianna Bizik | Published on October 31, 2016

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