Five Vegan-Friendly Destinations
By Heather De Bel | Published on September 27, 2015
Five Vegan-Friendly Destinations

Vegans know how hard it is to find restaurants that cater to their diet, an issue that can be encountered while traveling. Everyone enjoys tasting new food influenced by the culture of the area, but many cultures have diets rich in animal meat and dairy. However, the following cities have been quite successful in their effort to support healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.

1. Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is home to countless museums, galleries, theatres, cathedrals, shops and of course, great restaurants. In 2013 PETA named Glasgow the best city for vegans in the United Kingdom. Because of the young and health conscious culture, more vegan restaurants are popping up around the city. Vegan travelers can feel free to try something off of the meatless menu at the Mono Café Bar or one of the many vegan options at the popular pub, The Flying Duck. Need an excuse to go there? Glasgow is hosting VegFest2015, the biggest vegan festival, this coming December.

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2. Berlin, Germany
Not only is Berlin a world city of culture, politics, science and media, but it’s also one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the world. It has over 28 purely vegan restaurants and almost every other place to eat has a vegan menu. Vegan pizza is popular at Sfizy Veg. Travelers can also try vegan options at restaurants like Sun Day Burger and Lucky Leak. There’s even a vegan ice cream place at Der Eisbärliner & Caramello. Tourists can visit the TV tower, The Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, The Reichstag Building and still never be more than a bike ride away from healthy eating.

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3. Vancouver, Canada
Travelers should consider visiting this coastal seaport. It’s Canada’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse city. It is rich in culture, history and is consistently listed in the top five worldwide cities for its livability and quality of life. Vancouver is home to the Acorn, listed as one of the Top-10 Best New Restaurants in En Route Magazine, the first vegetarian restaurant to do so. But, the Acorn is only one of many restaurants that cater to vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and raw food eaters. Need additional choices? There’s the Wallflower Modern Diner, Dharma Kitchen and even a Mexican vegan restaurant called Bandidas, within the city limits.

Five Vegan-Friendly DestinationsPhoto courtesy | Magnus Larsson

4. Austin, Texas
Texas may not be known for its progressive food choices, but their capital sure is. A great destination for the active traveler with its abundant parks, trails and lakes, Austin is also a great destination for the health-conscious eater. They have everything from vegan ice cream at the Sweet Ritual, to the 95% raw restaurant, Counter Culture, to the vegan donuts at the Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery – even vegan breakfast tacos at the Vegan Nom. Vegans, feel free to explore the music scene and rich cultural history of Austin, because there will be a delicious restaurant for you right around the corner.

Five Vegan-Friendly DestinationsPhoto courtesy | Katie Haugland

5. London, England
Travelers flock to London every year to see Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and countless other historical sites. Non-meat eaters shouldn’t hesitate to jump right into the action either. In 2009, PETA voted London the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world. Tourists should try Itadaki-Zen, a vegan Japanese restaurant in the heart of King’s Cross or the 100% vegan/50% raw restaurant, Redemption which serves a beetroot and pea barley risotto. If these don’t sound appetizing, vegans can choose from 79 different restaurants on HappyCow. Nearly all of these restaurants use local, organic and raw ingredients.

Five Vegan-Friendly DestinationsPhoto courtesy | Robert Pittman

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By: Heather De Bel | Published on September 27, 2015

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