Georgia on the Mind
By Joey Spinola | Published on May 14, 2014
Georgia on the Mind

Can you imagine hang gliding off this cliff with this beautiful valley below?

Resting on the East Coast, between Florida and South Carolina, the beautiful state of Georgia is a southern gem. Visiting this foliage covered state will give any traveler a true sense of southern hospitality. Whether in search of a romantic getaway or a vacation with the whole family, Georgia has something for everyone. From relaxing on a beach to jumping out of a plane, the activities and possibilities are only limited by travelers imaginations.

If you’re looking to mingle with marine life, then Dolphin Magic Tours, Inc, located in Savannah, is the place for you. Offering two-hour boat rides guaranteeing dolphin sightings, visitors can have up close interactions with friendly bottle-nosed dolphins. Cruises fit up to 125 people, so bringing the whole family for a beautiful day on the water is possible!

While history isn’t an overwhelmingly popular topic, experiencing the culture and learning about the destination has to have some part in every trip, and Georgia offers it in bounds. A unique way to sightsee through Georgia’s largest city is a guided bike tour with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta. Bikers will travel through neighborhoods built in the 1800s, pass by the beautiful gardens of Oakland Cemetery and learn where to shop, as well as the best dining and entertainment.


Tybee Island is known for its spectacular sunsets!

Thrill seekers in search for a rush of excitement (if you’re afraid of heights skip this paragraph) have to check out Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding. Widely considered the best hang gliding location in Georgia, gliders will fly 2,000 feet above the ground. Professional gliders are paired with everyone, so even beginners can experience the heights. Daredevils trying to up-the-ante even further should check out Skydive Atlanta.

A trip to Georgia simply isn’t complete without visiting the beach and Savannah’s beach on Tybee Island is an ideal location. The southern cultures charm can be felt with the beaches very relaxing and laid back vibe. Miles long, Savannah’s beach is home to several endangered species of birds. Spotting some of the earths rarest birds is possible while soaking up the sun. The wildlife doesn’t stop there; travelers may even see sea turtles as well.

While traveling internationally has its grandeur, staying in the states can be just as exciting and much more affordable. The combination of Georgia’s southern culture, accessibility from the east and midwest, spectacular sights and attractions, make the state a great place for a vacation!

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By: Joey Spinola | Published on May 14, 2014

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