Island Profile: Cayman Islands
By Daniel Santos | Published on March 16, 2017
Island Profile: Cayman Islands

Within the western Caribbean Sea lies the Cayman Islands, your next best vacation destination. Discovered by Sir Francis Drake in 1586, the islands remained mostly uninhabited outside of your usual pirate, refugees and shipwrecked sailors. The islands came under formal control by the England, along with Jamaica, under the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. Since then, the Cayman Islands slowly built their population as the years past, becoming a glorious vacation destination for all to enjoy.

The Cayman Islands consists of a tropical marine climate, with a wet season of warm, rainy summers running from May to October and a dry season of relatively hot winters running from November to April. Visiting the Cayman Islands at the right time will be key to enjoying your experience there, so be sure not to travel during their off season.

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Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and is their number one vacation spot. Whether you’re looking for complete relaxation, dining, nightlife or some underwater sights by the reefs, there is something for everyone to do. Take a walk on the beach to truly discover the beauty of the Cayman Islands. Head over to the west side of Grand Cayman to explore the famous Seven Mile Beach. The crescent-shaped wonder offers boundless relaxation as you look upon the glowing ocean before your very eyes. With sand stretching as far as the eye can see, the Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean and one of the least populated too. So, if you’re looking from alone time on a nice beach, look no further than the Seven Mile Beach.

If you’re choosing to stay on Grand Cayman and plan on visiting the Seven Mile Beach, check yourself into the Comfort Suite Seven Mile Beach Hotel. Within a two-minute walk from the beach, the Comfort Suite offer complimentary lounge chairs and umbrellas to all the Seven Mile Beach visitors. The Comfort Suites not only puts guests within steps of the stunning beach, they also offer numerous activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. If you think that it ends there, you’re wrong. The Comfort Suite not only offers these fun activities, it also offers hot buffet and breakfast, free Wi-Fi and comfortable rooms filled with the proper necessities.

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For travelers who are searching to stay more inland, be sure to check out George Town for colorful traditional Caribbean-style buildings and duty-free shopping. There are many local vendors and craftsmen throughout the districts who are happy to spend time helping you find that perfect gift. An amazing combination of local culture and luxurious treasure await you on your Cayman Island shopping adventure.

Looking for some good food? While you’re enjoying the day on the sunny Seven Mile Beach, make sure you stop by XQ’s Pizza Bar Grill. You can enjoy brunch along the beach with pizza, wings and great drinks. XQ’s features comfortable seating, excellent décor and top quality service. All at an affordable price! Pizza not your thing? Then check out Copper Falls Steakhouse. Set on the Seven Mile Beach, the Copper Falls Steakhouse offers a wide selection of different meats including steak, prime rib, lobster tail and salmon. The restaurant isn’t the cheapest, but they serve you great portions to keep your belly full. Don’t forget to try out their cheesecake for desert!

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The Cayman Islands is a wonderful getaway for any beach lover looking for their next great escape. If you’re ready to go away and see uniquely-beautiful beaches, make the Cayman Islands your next stop.

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By: Daniel Santos | Published on March 16, 2017

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