Longest flights in the world
By Isaiah McCall | Published on January 28, 2019
Longest flights in the world

While the ones who suffer from aviophobia, or fear of flying, might stick to trains, planes and automobiles for their travel this summer, it seems now, more than ever people are choosing to fly. Hopefully you’re not traveling far this summer, as some flights can get up to 18-hours straight, but in case you are, or are just morbidly curious, here’s the longest flights in the world today.

New York to Singapore
Singapore Airlines recently announced that they would be bringing back a nonstop flight from Newark to Singapore, clocking in at 18 hours and 45 minutes, making this the world’s longest flight. The flight itself travels about 10,000 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore, and in that period the aircraft only takes one two-hour refueling stop. In doing so, this flight has shaved several hours off the trip in attempt to make the trip more pleasant for passengers.

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This particular flight has been around before, it made its debut back in 2004, but was shutdown in 2013 due to the sudden surge of oil prices. Now, with the flight making its return, the actual aircraft performing the grueling task has been upgraded in a myriad of ways to cater to passengers.

Singapore Airlines have included numerous options for passengers to distract themselves during the lengthy trip, including 1,400 entertainment choices, a tremendous upgrade from the previous 200 on earlier flights. Televisions have been enlarged and seats have been made comfier, making this trip a pretty pleasant one despite the length.

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Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand
While Singapore Airlines might hold the record for longest flight, Qatar Airways holds the record for longest non-stop flight. In case you’re unfamiliar with Doha, or even Auckland — Doha is located on the coast of Qatar and Auckland is located in New Zealand. The distance between these two cities is 9,032 miles. Despite this, Qatar Airways continues to make the trip in one go.

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If you’re ever looking to take the trip then make sure to bring a couple watches as the flight crosses through 10 time zones making your estimated time of arrival pretty whacked. Passengers who have taken, the long, grueling trip seem to describe the trip as pleasant as it possible could be. One passenger stated the cabin crew are on top of their game, constantly going down the aisles checking in and assuring everyone is comfortably enduring the flight.

Perth, Australia to London, England
Continuing with non-stop flights that are sure to test your patience, the flight from Perth, Australia to London clocks in at the third longest flight in the world — soaring through 9,010 miles and taking just over 17 hours to complete. The flight allows up to 200 passengers, as it has made cutbacks in the past to allow the carrier to burn less fuel.

Now, this particular flight has made headlines for two different reasons. The flight at one point clocked in at 615 mph, just 100 mph under the speed of sound. The plane was traveling so fast that the trip only took 16 hours and 29 minutes — almost an hour quicker than the normal time of travel. Because of the speeds, it also broke the record time for the trip, beating the previous record of 16 hours and 35 minutes, which was also set by Qantas.

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By: Isaiah McCall | Published on January 28, 2019

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