Solo Traveling
By Charlie May | Published on June 2, 2015
Solo Traveling

There are a variety of unique ways to travel the world, all of which can bring a multitude of experiences. More likely than not, each method of navigation will differ vastly from the last, leaving you eager for new adventures in the future. You can travel on free time with friends, family vacations, through an academic program, or even on your own — perhaps the most underrated style of travel.

Traveling with friends or family will surely make a memorable trip. Yet, vacationing on your own may serve a much greater purpose. For example, when on trips with family, you may be much less likely to leave your comfort zone and potentially less open to new experiences — mainly due to the fact that you brought part of that comfort zone with you. Think about it this way, you are exploring a new place but only with the safety and familiarity of home right beside you. Likewise, when traveling with friends, you may feel less likely to meet new people because you already have friends accompanying you. In order for you to truly embrace the art of sightseeing in a destination, you must be able to do it alone.

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Traveling solo has an infinite amount of alternative benefits that may not be attainable through traveling with company. One of the primary advantages includes the freedom to pace as you please. You are given the ability to explore where you desire at your own will. Meaning, eat when and whatever you want, as well as wake up and stay out as late as you choose. These privileges enable a completely different understanding of a vacation.

Another advantage of traveling solo is that it practically forces social involvement. It’d be impossible to travel alone and not speak to anyone, so circumstances will oblige you to engage with others. This will allow you to interact with people you otherwise, normally wouldn’t. You could learn a new language by doing this, or make long-lasting friendships. The possibilities are truly endless if you are willing.

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Traveling solo means it’s all about you – every, single minute. You can do what you want, when you want. That may seem selfish, but we already do it in our daily lives more than you think. Everyone has a “vacation” from life at some point in his or her day. You do it when you listen to music on your walk to class, or when you go to the gym to blow off some steam or unwanted stress. You do it when you indulge in a new book, or on long car rides when you blast the radio. Even binge watching a Netflix show is a version of this. Believe it or not, we constantly try to escape — exactly what traveling solo can do for you.

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By: Charlie May | Published on June 2, 2015

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