SXSW Films: The Cast of “Sausage Party”
By Christopher Remmers | Published on June 1, 2016
SXSW Films: The Cast of “Sausage Party”

“So psyched! So psyched to be here at South by Southwest,” Seth Rogen proclaimed.

Rogen’s statement embodied the tone of the Paramount’s “Sausage Party” red carpet, Austin’s most famous theater, for the night. People poured in from all directions, cops shut down blocks and the heavily sought after spots in line were gone within minutes. The city was electric, on par with any of the week’s top events. Travelers from all over the world converged in Austin for an event like this and evident by their reaction, it was money well spent. Once the stars, from producer Evan Goldberg to director Conrad Vernon and Rogen himself, stepped onto the carpet the night rose to a fever pitch.

SXSW Films: The Cast of "Sausage Party"

A hilarious R-rated comedy, “Sausage Party” peers through the eyes of supermarket products before they’re purchased, which in their eyes is a dream come true. Leading the film is Rogen’s portrayal of Frank, a romantic sausage pursuing his love, Brenda, a hot dog bun played by Kristen Wiig. Rogen, antsy to premiere the seven-year project, elaborated on his character and the film’s story line best.

“He looks like a sausage with a face and arms and legs. He’s got gloves and shoes. He’s an idealistic little sausage who believes in the doctrines of the store,” Rogen explained. “Which is, if you stay on your shelf and you get chosen by a human then all your dreams come true. He then slowly discovered that it’s super [messed] up what happens when you get bought.”

Being the first animated comedy for adults, and still an unfinished product, the cast was unsure about the audiences reaction. They knew there would be one, but whether it was positive or negative remained to be seen. Both Rogen and Goldberg spoke to the raw cut that was about to premiere.

“Yes, there will be some reactions. That I can guarantee. We haven’t shown it to audiences, because it’s been too rough to show to people until … it might still be too rough to show to people,” Rogen stated. “It’s just like any other animated movie. Visually, it’s so imaginative. Until recently very little of it has been animated. So, we couldn’t really show it to people because of its quality.”

“There still is little bits and pieces that are still hand drawn,” interjected Goldberg. “You’re going to go from great animation to stick figures.”

SXSW Films: The Cast of "Sausage Party"

Adding to the hype of the movie release in SXSW, Vernon, an adopted Austiner who was born about six hours northeast, was particularly excited to be in the city where his family lives. His fondness of the city was clear, stating that he would even settle down there one day.

“I was born in Lobbock. My parents have lived in Austin. My whole family has lived in Austin for 25 years. I’ve been here a lot,” Vernon excitedly said. “I consider myself an honorary Austin man. I have land on lake LBJ and I want to move here someday. I love it here.”

SXSW Films: The Cast of "Sausage Party"

Continuing with the almost nervous excitement for the first public viewing, Vernon had such belief in the film that it was extremely hard to be patient for the over seven-year production process. He spoke for the cast in saying that everyone just wanted to show it to the world. It also embodied the reason why traveling to SXSW is such a unique experience, you’re exposed to things that just simply can’t be experienced many other places.

“I want to so show this movie to people. When you’ve been hiding something in a little box for seven years, that you know is so unbelievably awesome to you, the first thing you want to do is unleash it and see what people think about it,” said Vernon. “The first time we actually showed this to people it was just in story boards. So, this is the first audience that’s going to see it in its fullest form. I could not think of a better audience to show it to. I’m so excited about doing this.”

The movie turned out to be on another level of funny and a great success. The years of hard work leading up to the premier was indisputably seen in the film. When the film premiers to the world August 12th, buy yourself a ticket and prepare to laugh until it hurts.

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on June 1, 2016

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