Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld
By Christopher Remmers | Published on October 2, 2015
Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld

Formed in the Summer of 2012, BoyMeetsWorld is a pop-punk rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio that quickly won the tri-state Battle of the Bands. Following up their debut EP “Do What’s Best For You“, BMW’s first full-length album “Become Someone” was released this past June.

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Chris Remmers: Tell us a little about yourselves. How’d you start getting into music?

BMW: Three of us, the Sulkens, are siblings. Drew Richter went to school with us from elementary through high school. Brad is older, six years older than us, so he got us into all the music that we listen to. We used to listen to like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. All of us got into music growing up because of Brad.

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorldPhoto courtesy | Cathy Haglund

CR: That’s awesome. How would you say traveling around has really inspired to create music?

BMW: Well, just being out on the road gives us more inspiration, more material and more things to write about instead of just being in Cincinnati all the time. Instead of just being in our basement writing music we are out in the world.

CR: That’s awesome. What do you guys like best about traveling, the whole travel experience?

BMW: A lot of breaking down! It’s our favorite thing ever. That’s our forte and we love it.

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CR: What would you say your top destinations you’ve been to so far in the United States?

BMW: Vegas! We really like Vegas and Denver, Colorado too.

CR: Give me a little insight on each one. What did you like best about it?

BMW: In Denver, at Warped Tour, there were just tons of people watching us. Everyone was so energetic. It was an incredible experience. That was my favorite show of Warped Tour besides Cincinnati.

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorldPhoto courtesy | Michael Levine-Clark

CR: That’s awesome.

BMW: Let’s see, we got Denver. I guess if we are talking about Warped Tour, Pomona was awesome because that was the first day of Warped Tour and we did a show in front of a lot of people. We had like 10 or 15 people singing the words to our songs and we definitely weren’t expecting that. That was really awesome to see people on the West Coast know our stuff. So that was cool. Definitely Vegas though.

CR: Who is the gambler of the group?

BMW: All of us.


CR: That’s what I like to hear.

BMW: Muckleshoot Casino in Washington. So whenever we are in the Seattle area, we go to Muckleshoot and gamble. $1 Blackjack and lose all our money.

CR: $1 Blackjack, that’s my personal favorite. You get to play for a few hours and you don’t lose too much money. What’s one place that you haven’t played that you want to hit?

BMW: Alaska. Oh my gosh.

CR: Alaska?

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorldPhoto courtesy | Joseph Umnak

BMW: Yeah, why not? I would like to play in Canada. That would be really cool in a different country. Even though it’s next door.

CR: Canada seems like it could be a good time.

BMW: We haven’t been to Maine; it’s really far up. That would be cool.

CR: They’ve got some great seafood up there.

BMW: I bet.

CR: That’s like the epicenter of lobster. Any of you boys into seafood?

BMW: We love seafood!

CR: Would you say you are more of a city crowd or a beach crowd when you are not out doing shows?

BMW: Definitely beach. Just got back from a vacation in Florida visiting a friend down there. So when we are not touring, we like to take a little time to go to the beach.

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld

CR: How would you say music and travel fit together in your lives?

BMW: Like peanut butter and jelly.

CR: Like peanut butter and jelly, huh?

BMW: Like fine wine and cheese.

CR: Fine wine and cheese.

BMW: It’s a blast. We love hitting the road. We try to enjoy it as much as possible, for the experience and for the food.

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For more on BoyMeetsWorld find them online:

Travel Profile: BoyMeetsWorld

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By: Christopher Remmers | Published on October 2, 2015

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