Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night Argent
By Mike O’Keefe | Published on June 22, 2015
Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night Argent

Chase Manhattan, lead vocalist for Night Argent, an electrifying, anthemic rock band, represents Pasco, Washington. Just recently beating out 15,000 bands and winning the Ernie Ball International Battle of the Bands finals in Hollywood, California, the band is primed to become a household name. Be on the lookout for their self-titled EP and catch them on the Vans Warped Tour.

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Mike O’Keefe: What is the first destination that comes to mind when hearing the word vacation? Why?

Chase Manhattan: For me, probably somewhere tropical. My dream vacation, and where I want to tour, is Southeast Asia.

Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night Argent

Manhattan is stoked to get out onto the Warped Tour this year, not only to be exposed to new fans, but to see destinations for the first time.

MO: The beaches out there are beautiful.

CM: I’ve seen pictures and I am dying to see it in person.

MO: Coming from Pasco, Washington what is something to do when in the state?

CM: One of the biggest attractions here is the Colombia River — one of the largest rivers in the U.S. We have hydro plane races on it every year, and you can float down the river, or rent some jet skis and boats. We are on the southeast side of Washington so were in the desert. Just this past weekend it was 109 [degrees], so being able to get out onto the water is probably the biggest attraction during the summer.

MO: Is it humid? Or just really hot all summer?

CM: It’s not humid — pretty dry. It’s pretty warm all summer, averages around 90 [degrees]. It gets pretty cold in the winter too — I love it. If you go three hours northwest and you start getting into the mountains and trees. It’s just amazing having that variety right there.

MO: It sounds amazing. I need to get to Washington!

CM: Hell yeah. Actually our Nothing More Beautiful music video was shot at the base of Cascade Mountains over there in Easton. We love the northwest and everything it has to offer.

Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night ArgentPhoto courtesy | Elke Peterson

MO: You guys are gearing to head out on the Vans Warped tour, describe the excitement and what destinations or cities are you looking forward to?

CM: Man, this is our first big tour with bands that we’ve looked up to for a while, so of course we’re stoked to head out and play some shows. One of the things we are really excited for, talking about destinations, is seeing new places — meeting new fans. We are going to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way from Denver to San Diego. We are most excited to play the places where we have friends and family. Getting to see family that we don’t see often and giving them a chance to watch us play is exciting.

MO: Every country has a holiday or celebration that stands out. What’s one you’d like to travel to?

CM: One I know I would love to travel to is the Festival of Colors in India. The pictures and videos from that, with all the color, is just beautiful. That’s definitely one I’d love to go see — it would be an insane experience.

Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night ArgentPhoto courtesy | Steven Gerner

MO: Where does the music inspiration come from? Does traveling play a role?

CM: Traveling does play a bit, but the majority of the inspiration for this EP comes from relationships. It follows the journey that you experience when you’re trying to find that connection that all of us are looking for in this life — finding that one person that you can share everything with.

MO: If you could perform at any venue or destination in the world where would it be?

CM: I would love to play Lollapalooza Brazil. First off, the crowds and the energy would be insane, and being able to experience that culture in a place we’ve never been — that would be an incredible show.

MO: When in search for a personal getaway, are you looking to relax on a beach or after a city with great nightlife?

CM: We definitely try to find a mix of both. When you are getting away it’s nice to have somewhere you can relax. Actually a beach getaway, because if you look hard enough you’ll find nightlife almost anywhere. You’ll see these cultures where they’re isolated from the rest of the world, but they party just as hard as anyone else — surrounded by a campfire or in a club. I would have to say the beach, we are around cities a lot so when trying to get away I go for the more secluded [places].


MO: The ultimate vacation. How does music and travel fit together?

CM: Having the right soundtrack for your trip makes all the difference. One of the biggest examples of it for me would be when I was in Hawaii. I had never really listened to Jack Johnson before. It just wasn’t my personal taste, but I saw his cd in the store, decided to check it out since I knew he was from Hawaii and threw it on in the car. Cruising around the island of Kauai, listening to Jack Johnson is a whole different experience than listening to it cruising around Pasco. The sound track can definitely make the trip.

MO: Or break it.

CM: That’s true! If you’re traveling with someone with poor music taste it could get pretty old. Quick.

MO: Lastly, what is the next trip and what for?

CM: Our next trip is to head out on Warped tour. We’re heading down to Mountain View, California — our first stop. We’re actually heading out a day early so we can climb Black Mountain. The last time we were there we climbed it — a 10-mile hike. One of our favorite parts about hitting the road is exploring these new places and going out on adventures!

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For more on Night Argent listen to their YouTube:

Travel Profile: Chase Manhattan of Night Argent

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By: Mike O’Keefe | Published on June 22, 2015

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