Travel Profile: CloZee
By SunCity Paradise | Published on October 30, 2018
Travel Profile: CloZee

French indie-electronic composer CloZee, known for incorporating international music into her sets to create a truly unique experience that she calls “World Bass” is fresh off releasing her debut album, “Evasion,” earlier this month. Being based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world, makes this electronic musician stand out. CloZee has performed on many continents: from Coachella to India, on four United States tours and everywhere around her native France. Have a listen to her title track, “Evasion,” from her debut album embedded below.

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SunCity Paradise: Let’s kick it off with your hometown of Toulouse, France. What really stands out and makes the city special to you? Where would you send a first-time visitor to get a real sense of the area?

CloZee: We call it “La Ville Rose” (“The Pink City”), because of the bricks. It makes it very warm and welcoming. That’s what I love the most about it. It’s dynamic, but it still is very close to nature (the mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and the [Atlantic]). I’d probably bring someone to La Daurade to watch the sunset and drink a beer along the river La Garonne.

Travel Profile: CloZee© Henrique Ferreira

SCP: What was your first real exposure to music ? How did you get inspired to create your own and eventually pursue it as a career?

C: Very early. My mother listened to a lot of various music. [It was on] all the time, when I was a child. I also rented as many CDs as I could at my city’s library during my childhood, which had me discovering a lot of different music and artists. I started the classical guitar when I was 11, and then I got really into electronic music after I discovered Birdy Nam Nam around 15 or 16. I started to produce only a year or two after that. [It was all] based on my guitar compositions.

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SCP: To create music, and traveling to promote it, must be such a feeling. What’s the most impactful and meaningful part you cherish about it? Does the travel help inspirationally?

C: Yes, it’s necessary for me. I compose music based on things that I see or experience. I can’t produce if I’m staying in the studio non-stop. At some point, I need to go out, travel, see people, go in the nature, to festivals and concerts.

SCP: You just released your debut album, “Evasion,” earlier this month. What was your thought process behind this release? Describe your excitement to share it with your fans.

C: Evasion means “escaping the reality” in French when it’s related to music. It’s my first album and it’s the culmination of my years of researches and adventures: traveling, touring, meeting new people, discovering new cultures and landscapes. I finally felt ready to propose a complete musical story that suits me, without barriers. I’m super excited for the people to travel to their own secret places while they listen to it.

SCP: When searching for a personal getaway, are you looking for a serene beach or after a more active, adventurous getaway? Why?

C: I love both. It depends on the circumstances and my energy. For example, if I just finished a tour, I’ll be more excited to go relax on a serene beach or in the mountains, somewhere I can find some silence. If I need to be boosted, because I’ve sitting in the studio for too long, then I’ll go with the adventurous gateway.

Travel Profile: CloZee© Erik Eastman

SCP: Everyone has a list of places that they still have to hit. What are three destinations, either work or pleasure, that you need to see? Why?

C: I would love to take the time to go back to Japan and visit the smaller cities. I’m also very excited to go to Australia for the first time next year to do some gigs and festivals. It was one of the destinations I wanted to go to for a while. I’ve never been to South America either, so it’s in my list (that’s a lot of countries to visit).

SCP: Are there any necessities you need to make a flight or long car ride more bearable? Any tips?

C: My headphones and a lot of new music to listen to.

Travel Profile: CloZee© Josh Withers

SCP: One of our core objectives at SCP is to bring people together while traveling, not only to influence people to see and appreciate our beautiful world, but to also minimize cross-cultural divides. What effect does traveling, specifically surrounding dance music, have on humans in this regard? How has it broadened your perspective of the world?

C: Music and art in general is one of the most powerful things that bring people together and make us feel as one. That’s why I wanted to do music. It’s universal. At a festival when I see so many people who travelled from all around the world to listen to music, be part of the same crowd and dancing to the same music, it always brings me to tears. Traveling is so important to experience different cultures, to be open minded and to realize how lucky we are sometimes.

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SCP: When you’re relaxing on a beach or just have some down time are you listening to music? Do you like to switch up the genre you listen to? If so, to what?

C: Yes, always. I’m listening to music right now, while I answer these questions. I love any kind of music, so I play anything from movie soundtracks to acoustic music, world music and electronica … etc.

Travel Profile: CloZee

SCP: Lastly, with festival season upon us, what else do the next couple of months have in store for you?

C: After my “Evasion” tour in North America, I’ll be back in Europe, sleeping, and working on new music. I’ll have a few projects with dancers, as well as play a couple of shows in Europe, go to tour Australia in the beginning of 2019, play “Envision” in Costa Rica and many more things for the future.

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For more on CloZee, visit her website:

Travel Profile: CloZee

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