Travel Profile: Crossfaith
By Mike O’Keefe | Published on August 31, 2015
Travel Profile: Crossfaith

Crossfaith, a metalcore band out of Osaka, Japan, was formed in 2006 by Koie Kenta (vocalist), Takemura Kazuki (guitarist), Amano Tatsuya (drummer) and Tamano Terufumi (keyboards), with Hiroki Ikegawa (bass guitar) joining the band in 2008. With three studio albums under their belt, the band’s fourth album “XENO” is slated for a September 18th release date.

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Coming from Japan, an ever-growing music hotbed, Crossfaith is well versed when it comes to lively crowds. The country’s infectious music atmosphere has perpetually drawn artists to perform on the “Land of the Rising Sun,” as seen here. It’s been a driving motivation for many Japanese artists as well, including Crossfaith. Having been playing music from early childhood, the band isn’t new to the scene either. They’ve paid their musical dues by starting and running the entire band, including the behind-the-scenes production, from the very beginning.


“We started playing music since we were kids. We did the whole thing by ourselves,” stated Crossfaith. “We made the merchandise and drove to the next venue. It’s our love. We are now doing bigger things — playing bigger concerts, but it’s still the same love.”

While the music scene is on par with the best in the world, Japan is so much more than a large concert hall. The country’s rich history and tradition have produced a warm, inviting culture that spans far beyond any amphitheater. Filled to the brim with sights to see, the country is a tourism epicenter, and a gateway for Westerners to the rest of the Far East. The architecture specifically stands out to the band, something they’re including into their lineup of upcoming concerts.

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“We have a lot of temples, shrines as well. Our architecture is very beautiful,” Crossfaith excitedly explained. “We’re actually going to play at the big temple this year. We can’t wait for that.”

Having been touring for almost a decade, the band can be considered expert travelers. Their ever-growing list of countries played doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. The fire still burns to play music worldwide, and their list for pleasure travel is growing simultaneously as well.

“We want to go to Africa on a safari. We’ve never been to Scandinavia either. Scandinavia’s really famous with metal music, one of the reasons why we want to go there,” Crossfaith said. “We want to go to Peru, to climb Machu Picchu. We want to play out there too!”

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Intertwining music and travel is natural in every sense. The complimentary relationship blends effortlessly, something Crossfaith understands completely. Musical inspiration comes from experience; the creativity is spawn off life events. Travel, in its foundation, is a profound activity. So having previously recorded in the United States, the band speculated at a more exotic destination to conjure future artistic melodies.

“Our last three albums we recorded in the states, New Jersey twice and then Los Angeles. Recording in Los Angeles was fun, a lot of inspiration, but we didn’t have any time to hit the beaches,” Crossfaith said. “For the next one, Machu Picchu?”

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Travel Profile: Crossfaith

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By: Mike O’Keefe | Published on August 31, 2015

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