Travel Profile: SYKES
By SunCity Paradise | Published on September 26, 2016
Travel Profile: SYKES

Originating from the United Kingdom, SYKES is a three-piece band that channels 70’s and 80’s musical influences into their modern, cutting-edge sound. Their latest EP “Younger Minds” was released this past July, check out one of their tracks embedded below, or iTunes for the whole release.

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SunCity Paradise: Describe the excitement you have from being on your first United States tour. Has there been any highlights along the journey that you can share with us?

Kristian Taylor: Being in our first ever tour bus is definitely a highlight. It look a little while to get used to sleeping in the bunk, but a few night terrors later we’ve got used to it. We are excited to be waking up in a different city everyday with people at the festival actually knowing about our band! It’s an unreal feeling!

SCP: You are now on the West Coast leg of the tour, what stood out to you about the West Coast and are there any other cities left on the tour that you are dying to see?

Julia Sykes: The whole West Coast has been great. I think crowds were digging our style of music here. The show in Pomona was amazing, the capacity was one of the biggest and there were people singing lyrics back at us. Felt very special!

SCP: Our team was able to catch you guys perform at the Catalyst showcase at SXSW. How was your experience playing in Texas and do you see the band returning this year?

Will Brown: SXSW was a real turning point and a fundamental steppingstone for us. We felt afterwards that we had the support from people out here and confidence in ourselves to head out on Warped Tour.

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SCP: Out of all the BBQs on the tour, which band cooked the best food?

WB: Huge shout out to our buddies in Reckless Serenade, who not only played killer sets on the Full Sail stage all summer, but cooked a BBQ almost every night for all the bands and crew. They also introduced me into putting crushed up corn chips in burgers — Mind BLOWN.

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SCP: If you had the chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

JS: 100% we want to go to Asia. We’ve heard the people are so welcoming and receptive to bands! I’d also like to play in Brazil, as I am half Brazilian. Most of my family hasn’t even seen us play yet!

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SCP: When you are on tour do you find yourself writing music? Or are you strictly focused on the performance?

JS: We haven’t had much time on Vans Warped Tour as much as we hoped to. It was so hectic every day. However, the experiences that we’ve taken away from this tour will definitely influence our writing in the future.

KT: We’ve also met loads of musicians who are up for collaborations in the future. So keep your eyes peeled!

SCP: How does music and travel fit together?

WB: Perfectly! Imagine long drives on the open road in America without music … impossible!

Travel Profile: Sykes© BLM Nevada

SCP: Most destinations have a festival that they’re known for, whether it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Oktoberfest in Munich. What is one you have been to or would like to attend?

WB: Burning Man is such an Iconic festival that I’d love to go to! Not sure they would book us though!

JS: In terms of our band playing I think playing Coachella would be incredible.

SCP: What do you hope to accomplish as a band or artists?

KT: I think next year we would like to release a full album. We’re so influenced by 70’s and 80’s artists who were all writing full-length albums. We have been conscious of trying to make our EP’s coherent and paint a musical picture but I think a full album would be an exciting progression and new challenge for us as a band.

SCP: Lastly, when’s the next trip whether it’s for personal or another tour and where to?

JS: We’ve teamed up with fellow Warped Tour band Emarosa and are heading out on a UK Tour in September!

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For more on SYKES find their “Younger Minds” EP on iTunes:

Travel Profile: Sykes

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By: SunCity Paradise | Published on September 26, 2016

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