Vacation Drinks
By Jacqueline Wilhelm | Published on September 24, 2015
Vacation Drinks

Traveling broadens your horizons and exposes you to new places and cultures that, under different circumstances, might not have been seen. One of the pillars of travel is obviously food and drink, and through travel you’re able to indulge in a countries authentic cuisine. So, next time you’re away, pull up to the bar, sip on a cocktail and see what thrills you can find while making conversation with a local from the other side of the globe. Here are some mouthwatering drinks that’ll make you want to grab a plane ticket and head out.

Pina Colada — Puerto Rico
Can’t you just picture the beach laid out before you, an enormous expanse of aqua blue that sparkles in the sun, a lounge chair with a warm towel keeping you dry, and right in your hand is a large glass of sweet heaven with a coconut twist. Recipes for this popular cocktail exist all over, but its popularity is untarnished (unless you have a really bad bartender), and it will forever be the perfect compliment to your vacation.

Vacation DrinksPhoto courtesy | Class V.

Mango Iassi — India
While traveling the sunbaked streets of India, find some reprieve in this cooling summer drink. Made of mango, yogurt, sugar and milk, this creamy drink is just as good as any milkshake you can get in the states. With this chilled dream in a cup, you’re set to enjoy the rest of your trip seeing the sights and exploring the country.

Beer — All around the world
An oldie but a goodie. Beer is on tap no matter where you are, but there are a few nations that take their brew more seriously than the rest. Vacationing in Ireland? Tour the Guinness Storehouse and give it a try. Crossing the border into Germany? Be prepared for beer overload, especially if you happen to find yourself in Munich during Oktoberfest. Chilled and sliding down the bar top towards you, make some friends and embrace the community that forms around this fermented drink.

Sangria — Spanish
Got some wine in the fridge and some fruit you need to use before it goes bad? Well throw it together and you’ve got something special. The Spanish gave us this wonder and if you happen to be in the warm streets of a country that speaks the familiar tongue, then you’re in luck. Trying to spice it up with a bit of a kick? Try some brandy and enjoy!

Vacation DrinksPhoto courtesy | Divya Thakur

Thai Iced Tea — Thailand
Wandering the streets of Thailand and looking for something to wet your appetite as you find your way through this tantalizing nation? On the street should be a cart with the answer to such a predicament. It’s in a plastic bag and its colored bright orange (don’t worry, it gets better). Brewed from strong black tea providing a much needed caffeine kick, and mixed with condensed milk and spices is a new kind of iced tea you’re sure to love. If you’re not on a street in Thailand, then feel free to enjoy this beverage in a restaurant in countries like China and Vietnam.

Coffee — All around the world
Alcohol is great and all, but can anything really compare with a really great cup of coffee? Scope out the cute little cafes that dot the squares of Europe, or head to South America and find yourself tasting roasts you never knew existed. Got a hangover from the cocktails at the local pub last night? Go strong and black. Looking to experiment? There’s so much to try, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso and more!

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By: Jacqueline Wilhelm | Published on September 24, 2015

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