Video: Trip Of A Lifetime — Cliff Jumping in Bermuda
By SunCity Paradise | Published on January 9, 2016
Video: Trip Of A Lifetime — Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

A British island territory in the North Atlantic, Bermuda is known for it’s eclectic, bi-cultural mix of American and British customs. The countries seclusion and unique topography attract travelers from all over the world each year to it’s shores. One of the island’s unique features is it’s string of cliffs that wrap around the coast, which attracts a specific group of travelers: cliff jumpers. Which brings us to Evan Faulkenberry, an adrenaline-seeking traveler that films his journeys. Faulkenberry reached out to Shreddy Times inviting extreme athletes down to Bermuda’s shores to experience these epic drop-offs. Finally, in comes Mike Wilson, a professional free skier well-versed in jumping through the air. The mixture of these two, with the rest of the team and island locals makes for one of the most epic cliff-jumping videos you’ll find.

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For more on Faulkenberry and Shreddy Times visit their website.

Trip Of A Lifetime — Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

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By: SunCity Paradise | Published on January 9, 2016

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