Virtual City Tour: Barcelona
By Eric Kraljic | Published on June 9, 2016
Virtual City Tour: Barcelona

As the most populous city along the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, and for good reason. Founded sometime around third century B.C., Barcelona is home to countless historical sites accompanied with parks, beaches, museums, and other attractions to make it a truly must see destination. Not only is Barcelona a leading tourist destination, but it’s also one of the world’s leading sustainable cities. As such, most roadways around the city are accompanied with a bike path that enables people to easily maneuver throughout most parts of Barcelona. If you enjoy riding a bike to travel, then this is the perfect city for you.

1. Camp Nou
The home to FC Barcelona, the world’s fourth most expensive sports franchise with an estimated value of $3.16 million according to Forbes, is a can’t miss opportunity if you have a chance of watching them play. By viewing a game at Camp Nou, the largest stadium in all of Europe, you will get a first-hand experience at how the citizens of Barcelona absolutely adore their soccer club. If you visit during the off season, but still wish to the visit the stadium, there is a museum accompanied with a tour of the field as well.

Virtual City Tour: BarcelonaPhoto courtesy | Jose Luis Hidalgo R.

2. La Sagrada Familia
A 20-minute car ride would be the quickest way to arrive to the next destination. Likely the most famous structure in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although construction started on the church in 1882, the structure is still being completed to this day! With construction still in progress, the church currently has limited access, but is still worth the visit to view the unbelievable design and architecture.

Virtual City Tour: BarcelonaPhoto courtesy | Adriano Agulló

3. Picasso Museum
Located just two miles south, you can either take a quick bike ride or 30-minute walk to reach the Picasso Museum. Named after the famous Pablo Picasso, the museum is solely dedicated to him as it houses more than 4,000 works created by the artist. The collection of work on display also reveals his relationship with Barcelona as he spent much of his youth in the city. Buy tickets online and you get to skip any line at the museum, especially since the lines can get extremely long.

4. Barceloneta Beach
Just a half-mile south of the museum is the perfect place to relax and spend the rest of the day, Barceloneta Beach. Here you can take in the sun and embrace the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. This beach is relatively new as the entire section of the city was renovated due to the 1992 Olympic Games.  As night approaches you won’t have to travel far as there are numerous beachfront bars and restaurants you can spend the night at.

Virtual City Tour: BarcelonaPhoto courtesy | Silvia Sommadossi

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By: Eric Kraljic | Published on June 9, 2016

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