Virtual City Tour: Miami
By Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on March 27, 2017
Virtual City Tour: Miami

The beach does sound like a great place to vacation and loosen up — especially the beaches in Miami. But, wouldn’t it be better to take a break from the beach to explore, and see what else the city of Miami has in store? For a place so active and unique, there are tons of restaurants and activities to experience while visiting. So, why not take a journey through Miami and view what the city holds, starting off with these locations that you don’t want to miss out on.

A. Nexxt Cafe
Take a quick stop at this well-known cafe, Nexxt Cafe, located on Lincoln Road, South Beach. It’s a family-run coffee house since 1999. The cafe is the most popular destination for their generous portions of amazing food, a wide selection of creative cocktails and the perfect spot for people watching. They serve delectables from their signature burgers to the freshest salads and hope to fulfill the customer’s desires. While the interior of the cafe looks like a modern, trendy diner, outside is where most people choose to dine. Miami usually has nice weather, so why not take advantage of it and enjoy your meal in a spacious atmosphere under large umbrellas and surrounded by warm, friendly people. Get your caffeine fix with a cup of their freshly brewed coffee or feast on brunch before heading on with your day.

Virtual City Tour: Miami © Erica Firment

B. Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Although when people think of Miami, sandy beaches start popping into their heads. However, Miami doesn’t consist of just their beautiful beaches, but also gardens and lots of them. Miami Beach Botanical Garden is one of the most well-known spots to savor on plant and animal life — a great getaway from the city for a short amount of time. The garden is located right by the Collins Canal and under the city of Bayshore. The place is entitled to promote environmental enjoyment through education, art and interaction with nature. As unique and astonishing this place is, it’s a subtropical oasis of beauty and tranquility with an urban setting. Engaging visitors to walk through and explore the different types of gardens, such as flowering trees, Japanese garden, orchids, native garden, water features and even an edible garden where they harvest any of the fruits and vegetables and offer them for sale during events. From a number of fountains to rows of exotic flowers, you can’t let the Botanical Garden slide so easily without checking the place out. You definitely won’t regret it, because — it’s free.

C. Massage Envy
After clearing your mind while walking through the stunning gardens, reserve a special treatment at Massage Envy for a more relaxing time in Miami. It’s located on 17th street and just a block or two away from the gardens, which is super convenient. The spa offers a wide variety of treatments to choose from like Muscle Therapy, Exfoliating Foot Treatment and even skincare massages such as Exfoliating & Hydrating Facials, Anti-Acne Facials, Customized Healthy Skin Facials and much more. The massages last for 60- to 90-minutes a session, which is the ideal time to release any built-up stress. Every massage takes place in the finest setting and occupied with pure silence or soothing music to help loosen up. Every vacation calls for a relaxing time at the spa.

Virtual City Tour: Miami © Collin Parker

D. Sushisamba
If you’re into amazing and exotic sushi, just a block away from the spa is the popular Sushisamba. They’re mostly well-known for their signature sushi rolls and other mouth-watering selections such as their king crab legs, oysters and a fresh variety of sashimi. They also serve brunch — offering their savory Lobster Egg Benedict, Samba Cobb Salad, Quinoa Pancakes and other tasty meals. The restaurant also doesn’t want you missing out on their unique cocktails and beverages. Inside of Sushisamba is beautifully decorated with colorful patches of glass scattered around the ceiling and gives off radiant rays of light throughout the place for a more cozy and romantic setting. And let’s not forget about enjoying your sushi outdoors where you can relish on the perfect weather.

Virtual City Tour: Miami © James Lee

E. Drinkhouse Fire & Ice Bar
Pinpointed right on Collins Ave and only a four minute drive from Sushisamba is none other than Drinkhouse Fire & Ice Bar. What’s genuine about this bar is that there are two separate lounges that completely contrast each other. First off, there’s an ice lounge called the Ice Bar Experience where you enter a 23-degree winter wonderland surrounded by actual ice sculptures and the place is constructed by tons of pure glacial ice. The experience lasts for nearly 30 to 45 minutes and the lounge also provides guests faux fur coats and gloves to stay warm while enjoying ice-cold beverages. Later on, warm up in the fire lounge they called the Experimental Cocktail Fire Lounge. This bar is filled with high-spirited individuals offering creative and delicious cocktails your way. The setting consists of striking architecture and style of electrifying colors and designs that certainly gets its name as the fire lounge. This place is ideal for enjoying a night out with friends and relishing on drinks from either the ice or fire lounge.

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By: Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on March 27, 2017

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