Virtual City Tour: Prague
By Kelsey Hildin | Published on April 27, 2016
Virtual City Tour: Prague

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic borders Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. The capital city, Prague, is a destination that has really become a key part of many European travel itineraries. Though not as popular as other frequented locations, it continues to be a more cost-effective, cheaper alternative to Western European destinations. With a total walking time totaling 25 minutes, this condensed, concentrated tour of Prague places you right in the heart of the city, allowing you to explore exactly what makes this center of European history unique.

1. Prague Castle
Renowned for being the largest castle complex in the world, this location includes numerous palaces and religious structures indicative of the rich heritage of the past. Originally constructed during the 9th century (yes, I’m talking the 800’s), and taking up over 750,000 square feet of space, this first stop on our tour of Prague provides an iconic introduction to this city.

Virtual City Tour: PraguePhoto courtesy | Jorge González

2. St. Nicholas Church
Just an eight minute walk from the Prague Castle complex sits St. Nicholas Church. This site is also well known for its religiously historical significance, not to mention its stunning Gothic and Baroque architectural styles. Admission is about $3.00 for adults, which is a bargain compared to admission to other museums and historical sites across Europe.

Virtual City Tour: PraguePhoto courtesy | Sue Manus

3. Charles Bridge
On the short nine minute walk from the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) to the Old Town (Staré Mesto), this scenic stop on the tour is sure to provide great views of the city, and is a perfect place to take advantage of photo ops. With towers on both ends of the bridge, visitors who aren’t afraid of heights can gain a bird’s-eye view of both sides of the Vltava River.

Virtual City Tour: PraguePhoto courtesy | Moyan Brenn

4. Old Town Square
The last stop on this tour is sure to make an immense impact on those travelers seeking insight to Europe’s past. The buildings here will take you back in time to 14th century Prague. This is, for all intensive purposes, the birthplace of Czech culture and the heart of the city of Prague to this day. Don’t miss the Astronomical Clock within the town square, because it’s the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world.

Virtual City Tour: PraguePhoto courtesy | Roman Boed

There’s nothing to fear when visiting a foreign country who’s people speak another language, celebrate different customs, and take part in a culture completely different than your own. In fact, these types of trips are essential to broadening your horizons, and can really provide an irreplaceable learning experience. If considering taking a trip to Prague, focus on the unique insight into Central European life the Czech Republic provides, and always try to expand your comfort zone!

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Cover photo courtesy | Moyan Brenn

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By: Kelsey Hildin | Published on April 27, 2016

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