Virtual City Tour: Tel Aviv
By Jacqueline Wilhelm | Published on March 11, 2016
Virtual City Tour: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, a modern gem mixed with the style of plenty, sits right on the Mediterranean and is just waiting for you to discover it. The city that never stops is Israel’s first modern city, as well as the nation’s economic and cultural center. With five distinct and exciting neighborhoods, this port city has got enough party for the whole family. Travelling across the city’s entire 14-kilometer strip can be a bit tricky though. Sure you could rent a car, take a cab, or try the public transportation, but most recommend biking as the best way to get around and experience Tel Aviv. Sure they’re not the Citi bikes you see rushing around Manhattan, but find yourself a rental bike, or bring your own and let’s get going!

1. Tel Aviv Museum of Art
To start the day be sure to stop by and visit the new Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Spread out through three buildings the revamped campus reopened in 2011. The museum houses 100 years of Israeli art throughout The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art the Main Building on Shaul Hamelech Boulevard Herta and Paul Amir Building with extended exhibition space in the Lola Beer Ebner Sculpture Garden, and Nata’s Garden.

Virtual City Tour: Tel AvivPhoto courtesy | Israel Photo Gallery

2. White City
After you spend the morning admiring the priceless art that calls Tel Aviv home, head out on your bike towards The White City. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the White City features innovative architectural style. Situated between Allenby Street in the south, and Begin Road and Ibn Gvirol Street in the east, the best way to take in this international landmark is to walk down around Rothschild Boulevard. Completely refurbished to their original glory these building were all designed by Jewish architects who characterized their work by its asymmetry, functionality and simplicity.

Virtual City Tour: Tel AvivPhoto courtesy | Lab 604

3. Old Jaffa
From the cultural center of the city it’s time to head over to Old Jaffa. Yes, it’s a bit of a hike, but it’s well worth it to see where this amazing city came from. From atop this hill take in the sea air of the Mediterranean and visually dominating St. Peter’s Church while wandering in and out of the shops, boutiques and cafes lining the streets. While the makeover this neighborhood has seen in recent years has no doubt increased its draw for tourists, the flea market spread through out the streets south of the clock tower is still an amazing sight to see. Full of pop-up bars, cafes, and street stalls, bring some cash and find yourself a unique souvenir.

Virtual City Tour: Tel AvivPhoto courtesy | Fazia

4. Jaffa Port
For the end of the day, take your bountiful purchases from the market down to Jaffa Port for a night by the sea. One of the oldest known harbors in the world, the port like a lot of other things in Tel Aviv has grown to embrace the modern era and now is a great spot for entertainment, bars, restaurants and shops. Walk the boardwalk on a warm summer night and let the live music lull you into a dream.

Virtual City Tour: Tel AvivPhoto courtesy | Jeff Myers

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By: Jacqueline Wilhelm | Published on March 11, 2016

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