Virtual City Tour: Toronto
By Eric Kraljic | Published on May 18, 2016
Virtual City Tour: Toronto

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, with a population of approximately two million, has become one of North America’s biggest and most visited cities. Distinguished by its figurative skyline, which includes the monstrous CN Tower, this city offers a plethora of entertainment, historical sites, museums and more. As in most urban cities around the world today, the best way to maneuver through Toronto is via public transportation or taxi, but the following walking tour will give you some exercise while taking in the beautiful sights.

1. Harbourfront Centre
To start, head to downtown Toronto’s inner harbor. Here, you will find Harbourfront Centre, a waterfront non-profit organization that embodies the diverse culture of Toronto. Located along Lake Ontario, this centre celebrates the vast cultures of Toronto within its theater, art gallery and other forms of entertainment. This is the ultimate morning to mid-day destination as you can enjoy a cup of coffee and roam the boardwalk or visit one of the centre’s exhibits.

2. CN Tower
After spending the morning at Harbourfront Centre, the CN Tower is just a ten-minute walk away. Undoubtedly, this tower is the most famous attraction Toronto has to offer. Standing at 1,815 feet, the tower is the third tallest building in the entire world. Located atop the tower is the Skypod, an observation deck that offers an unbelievable 360 degree view of Toronto and beyond. Be sure to buy tickets to the Skypod online as they are cheaper and you get to skip any line.

Virtual City Tour: TorontoPhoto courtesy | Allen Lai

3. Royal Ontario Museum
Once you’ve enjoyed the spectacular view above Toronto, taking a taxi three miles north to the Royal Ontario Museum is the best form of transportation.  Established over 100 years ago in 1912, this museum houses more than six million items of fine art, dinosaur fossils, minerals and more. One of the museums most intriguing aspects is The Teck Suite of Galleries as it features around 3,000 meteorites, gems, and rocks that age from 4.5 billion years ago to the present.

Virtual City Tour: TorontoPhoto courtesy | The City of Toronto

4. Casa Loma
The final destination of this tour is Casa Loma, a Canadian landmark that was built in the early 20th century. Although its located just two-miles north of Royal Ontario Museum, taking a taxi is recommended, but you can be ambitious and take the 25-30 minute walk, as well. Set upon a hill, Casa Loma was built for Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt, this castle includes secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel and beautiful architecture. A free-audio guide is also provided if you wish to roam the four-story castle freely.

Virtual City Tour: TorontoPhoto courtesy | Casa Loma

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By: Eric Kraljic | Published on May 18, 2016

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