10 New York City Rooftop Bars
By Tyler Blackman | Published on July 8, 2015
10 New York City Rooftop Bars

Summer’s warm weather is finally here, which means our urge to let loose and grasp at the endless opportunities needs to be filled. From going to the beach to something adventurous like skydiving, there are so many options in store this summer. For those living in and around or just visiting major cities up north, there is an extra excitement to enjoying the urban outdoors during summer. One of the most picturesque locations to enjoy is high atop monstrous skyscrapers on a rooftop bar or restaurant.

Few cities around the world stack up to skyscraper central that is New York City, making it the premiere location to feature. With amazing views of the city’s famed skyline, here’s a list of 10 of our favorite NYC rooftop bars.

1. Upstairs NYC Rooftop Bar and Lounge
Located on 145 East 50th Street, Upstairs NYC Rooftop Bar and Lounge is a must see. With delicious food, even better drinks and a vivacious staff, it’s no wonder why this lounge has received raved reviews. With a beautiful view of midtown and the Chrysler Building, Upstairs possess a surefire view fitting for any occasion. There’s never a need to worry about the weather, since the lounge’s retractable roof can be closed at any time. For a rooftop bar prices are bearable with cocktails ranging from $15 to $18 and up.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Upstairs

2. The Press Lounge
Set at 653 11th Avenue, at the top of Ink 48 hotel, The Press Lounge has an amazing view of the city and the Hudson River. With sophisticated jazz music filling the air, guests feel a different, upscale vibe compared to the standard melodic remixes in today’s clubs. Geared for more of a mature audience the lounge can become a little pricey, but for the atmosphere and service offered, it’s money well spent.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | The Press Lounge

3. Salon de Ning
Found at 700 5th Avenue, on The Peninsula New York Hotel this upscale bar attracts a mature crowd as well. Noted most for their attentive staff, delicious cocktails, as well as their wine and cheese boards, this lounge is ideal for any night out. The atmosphere can be aptly described as unique, calm and quaint, and successfully breaks guests out of a routine evening away. With a view to boot this is definitely a place to hit this summer.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Salon de Ning

4. Le Bain
Becoming a staple in the NYC rooftop bar scene, Le Bain is suitably located at 848 Washington Street, right in the heart of the Meatpacking District. While the last two on our list are after an older crowd, Le Bain targets a younger, trendier clientele. This stylish bar offers a unique 4 ft. pool (during the summer), to accompany the nightclubs dance floor. From the beautiful view of the Hudson River to their signature crepes, this place is one for the books. With some drinks being as low as $12, a helpful staff and vibrant atmosphere, this bar only makes sense. Helpful tip: arrive early and dress to impress!

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Le Bain

5. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar
Nestled at 102 North End Avenue, The Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar more than lives up to its playful name. This fun and vivacious bar brings in a diverse crowd of all ages (legal) and ethnicities. Overlooking New Jersey and the Hudson River, the bar can be found in a comparatively less busy and “quiet” area (near the freedom tower), adding to the chill and vibrant ambiance. One of their specialties to try: “Prosecco and Icepop” (trust me).

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

6. 230 Fifth
Another wonderful addition to our list is 230 Fifth located at (yeah, you guessed it) 230 5th Avenue. With a beautiful view of the Empire State Building towering overhead, this bar is great for anytime of day (4pm – 4am), but especially during the later hours. As with all of NYC’s rooftop bars, the breathtaking sunset is one that won’t be forgotten! With great drinks and perfect hours, this spot helps to maintains its “city that never sleeps” reputation.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | 230 Fifth

7. Hudson Terrace
Set on 621 West 46th Street, the Hudson Terrace is a fabulous place to bring a group of friends for the night out. This two-level lounge routinely hosts world-renowned Dj’s, making for a upbeat and lively setting. With a retractable roof and a beautiful view of the Hudson River and New Jersey, this is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience for all.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Nightout.com

8. Plunge Rooftop Bar and Lounge
The Meatpacking District has become a hotbed for NYC nightlife in recent years. At Plunge Rooftop Bar and Lounge, located at 18 Ninth Avenue atop the Gansevoort, that reputation isn’t tarnished in the slightest. Popular amongst the local cooperate crowd, the bar offers an indoor-outdoor experience and is open every day closing at 4am on busy weekends (Thursday- Saturday). Even though it is quite popular it is never overly crowded, due to its immense floor space.

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | NYCDiscovery.com

9. Bar 13
Easily accessible on 35 E 13th St, Bar 13 rightfully finds a place on this list. The setting does not disappoint, giving all visitors that heart pumping, rooftop bar experience. Another common spot for young cooperate personnel, Bar 13 offers a wonderful menu with reasonable prices! From their cheap happy hour to a vast selection of beer, liquor and cocktails guests will never run out of options!

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | TemporarilyLost.com

10. Sky Room
Found atop of the Fairfield Inn & Suites at 330 West 40th Street in Times Square, its centralized location is convenient for everyone in the city. The helpful and enthusiastic staff provides an upbeat environment and the fair priced, happy hour drinks makes the Sky Room a hit. Occupying the top two floors of the 30-story building, this lounge has a “fully retractable glass roof cover and panoramic glass walls, offering stunning views of the Times Square area.”

10 New York City Rooftop BarsPhoto courtesy | Sky Room

Friendly reminder: most rooftop bars and lounges (all NYC nightlife locations really) have a dress code. The common attire for this kind of outing at lounges and bars in NYC is business- casual – no sneakers, T-shirts, jeans (only sometimes) or flip-flops. Always remember, when out exploring the NYC nightlife, dress to impress and most importantly drink responsibly.

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By: Tyler Blackman | Published on July 8, 2015

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