10 facts about Copenhagen
By Olivia Vallen | Published on May 22, 2018
10 facts about Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of the Nordic country of Denmark and is the largest city in Scandinavia. The city was established in the 11th century and in its time standing has faced many devastating events including massive fires, the plague and war. Despite all odds, the city has continued to develop and grown into the diverse and exciting place we know it to be today. Copenhagen’s rich history is immersed through the city streets and within the culture, but the past is not all that this city has to offer. Copenhagen is still developing and changing every day, making strides to improve all around. Here are 10 interesting facts about Copenhagen’s past, present, and future.

1. The country of Denmark is comprised of a mainland and more than 400-small islands in the Baltic sea. With the vast number of islands in this country, it is no surprise that the Capital City of Copenhagen resides on two islands in Denmark. The majority of Copenhagen is located on the Island of Zealand while the rest is on the Island of Amager. The two islands are connected by a metro system and eight bridges.

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2. The Little Mermaid sculpture on Langelinje pier in Copenhagen is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark. The statue was sculpted by Edvard Eriksen and placed on the pier in 1913. This bronze statue is based off author Hans Christian Andersen’s 1836 fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.

3. Copenhagen is green city. Its people have made great strides towards a greener, and more sustainable city, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The city was named the European Green Capital of 2014 for its work in moving towards a greener city, and their continuing strive for improvement. Copenhagen ambitiously aims to become one of the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025.

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4. In Copenhagen, the most popular form of transportation is the bicycle. 50 percent of resident’s commute to work every day by bicycle, and many middle-class family don’t even own a car. Cycling not only helps the city meet its environmental goals but is also said to be the best way to see Copenhagen.

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5. The 17th century Round Tower in Copenhagen is Europe’s oldest functioning astronomy observatory. The observatory allows people to walk up the spiral staircase to the top of the building and enjoy a view of Copenhagen. The Observatory also features a glass floor people can stand on to observe the towers core.

6. The Öresund Bridge is a five-mile motor and rail bridge that connects Copenhagen Denmark, to Malmo Sweden. This bridge is the longest of its kind in Europe, and is the foundation for internet data transmission between Denmark and Sweden.

7. The Tivoli Gardens is a 175-year-old amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. Despite its age, the park continues to grow and spread joy to its visitors. The park features a variety of activities, art, and history that is sure to engage people of all ages and backgrounds. The garden is one of the city’s most famous attractions.

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8. Nyhavn is one of the most iconic places in Copenhagen, when you type “Copenhagen” into google images this view is the first to come up. Nyhavn are the colorful houses that line the dock of Copenhagen. Most of these houses have been renovated and have become popular restaurants.

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9. Christiania is a neighborhood in Copenhagen best known for its residents self- governing and unique lifestyles. It is a society of its own and its personally shows as soon as you step into its entrance. The neighborhood features handmade homes, stores, galleries and an emphasis on nature and natural products.

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10. People living in Denmark are considered some of the happiest in the world. According to the World Happiness Report, the people of Denmark came in second behind Norway as the happiest people on earth in 2017.

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By: Olivia Vallen | Published on May 22, 2018

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