14 songs that need to be on your travel playlist
By Elyse Lijoi | Published on May 16, 2018
14 songs that need to be on your travel playlist

Travel playlists are essential whether you’re piling into a car and taking a road trip with friends or flying solo on an airplane across the world. It’s no secret that music can determine the mood, so your overwhelming excitement to travel should also be reflected in your playlist. Here are 14 songs perfect for your next travel playlist, guaranteed to keep the good energy rolling.

1. Too Good — Hundred Handed
“Too Good” is such an accurate name for this song, because it’s kind of perfect. The underlying beat sounds like a song from the 70’s, but with an obvious modern-day flare. It’s fun, super catchy and guaranteed to put you in a good mood, especially when the chorus is impossible not to sing along to.

2. Waiting for Love — Avicii
This song is perfect because it builds multiple times so that when the beat drops it feels wells deserved. There are so many different elements that blend together perfectly, like the piano that starts off the song and continues throughout, as well as the typical electronic noises that take place in a majority of EDM music.

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3. Vacation — Thomas Rhett
The title really says it all doesn’t it? Thomas Rhett is known for pumping out ridiculously catchy pop-country tunes and this one is no different. The combination of deep bass and upbeat horns creates a song that is practically an anthem for anybody going on vacation. Plus, with lyrics like “toes up in the sand, a cold one in my hand,” you have to get excited.

4. Mountaintop — Relient K
From the minute this song starts, you’ll want to move around and sing every word. Somehow this track manages to be fast paced, but laid back at the same time. The lyrics contain some very visual elements, like the title might suggest, which make this such a fun song to listen to alone or with friends. Along with the drums, electric guitar, piano and vocals, it will be stuck in your head the entire trip.

5. The Lotto — Ingrid Michaelson featuring AJR
Fair warning: this might be the catchiest song of all time. The chorus is so simple because it is repetitive, but not in the annoying way, in the way that you’ll want to sing it over and over. The distinct beat made up of humming, clapping, bass, piano, kick drums and a touch of ukulele makes this song very distinctive, super upbeat and fun.

6. Dive — Coast Modern
Besides this band having a very vacation-oriented name, this song also contains distinct visual imagery pertaining to “sunsets,” “paradise” and, you guessed it, “dives.” The first few seconds contain a weird electronic, almost bubble-like noise which becomes a part of the background and makes this track so unique. Besides that, it’s just a feel-good song that can be jammed to with the windows down or through a pair of earphones.

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7. Tree House — Cinders
It doesn’t get more fast-paced than this song. In all honesty, you could probably run a marathon while listening to just this track. Cinders have a talent for writing chill songs that are perfect for summer, but this single holds nothing back while executing that vacation, uplifting vibe.

8. Someone’s Disaster — Beach Weather
Beach Weather, although unfortunately not together anymore, created a distinct island sound (hence the name) with almost all of their songs. “Someone’s Disaster,” in particular, is one of their faster, but still laid-back tracks. The repeated guitar throughout the verses sound somewhat similar to the famous song “Pipeline” by The Ventures with a slight twist. The lead singer’s voice takes on a grungy punk feel but it only adds to the energetic undertones.

9. Don’t Come Down — The Maine
This song sets a distinct vibe while also literally being about good vibes. The progressively rapid guitar strums and intense drums takes this from a chill hangout track to a hype party song. And, with lyrics like, “To the lows and every high, the hellos and the goodbyes, in this moment I could die with you,” the song becomes even more uplifting and joyful.

10. Careless — Vacation Manor
The verses and bridge of this song are slightly slower but, the choruses and instrumental portion prove that this isn’t a chill song. The exceptional beat complete with ukulele, intense drums, guitar and the lead singer’s unique voice gives off major beach vibes. The instrumental climax is particularly talented and very air-drum-able.

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11. Hate to Love You — Karmin
This is another cute feel good song with an extremely fast pace. It’s almost impossible not to smile after listening to the whole thing especially with the clever lyrics, “I’m doing time but, I don’t mind, I’ll be just fine.” The two singer’s voices are incredibly smooth, which makes the track seem pretty flawless alongside the ridiculously catchy beat.

12. Hard Times — Paramore
If you’re looking for a completely unique sounding song that’s still fast-paced, this is perfect for you. “Hard Times” feels like it should be from either the 80’s or 90’s with it’s moments of random electronic sounds and overall beat. The lyrics are more on the down side but the background music sounds so positive that it’s easy to see past. And, once you hear the lead singer’s voice combined with the insanely catchy music, you’ll want to listen multiple times.

13. Say Amen — Panic at the Disco
If you take one song away from the list, let it be this one. This single just came out two-months ago, but it is the definition of a fast-paced jam. This is one of those songs you WILL sing along to, because it’s high energy and the lead singer’s vocal range is always fun to try and mimic.

14. Say Hey (I Love You) — Michael Franti and the Spearheads
This is one of the most notorious feel good songs out there so, it’s fitting to be on this list. Between the consistent clapping, piano, drums, maracas and the harmonized group singing in the choruses, this song seems complicated yet, sounds so simple. There’s something about the piano and maracas, combined with the lead singer’s voice that makes this track both uplifting and sounds like it was taken straight off an island.

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By: Elyse Lijoi | Published on May 16, 2018

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