Five Activities to do in Stockholm
By John Conklin | Published on January 3, 2018
Five Activities to do in Stockholm

Home to 14 islands and 50 bridges, Stockholm is a beautiful waterside city to explore through. In addition to the beauty, the wealth of history the city possesses, and showcased in the many museums, leaves travelers fascinated. Stockholm surely is the place you want to be. To help you on your way, here are five activities to experience in Stockholm.

1. The King’s Garden
It’s an area open to the public that’s quite a sight to see no matter what time a year you decide to visit. During the winter, the River freezes over and transforms this body of water into a ice skating rink. Then, when it gets warmer, the trees have cherry blossoms so colors are vibrant, adding to the buzzing energy coming from the people in the surrounding area.

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2. Hammarbybacken
Being in a northern part of the world, why not experience some winter activities while you are there? Hammarbybacken is a winter sport area that gives you the option of skiing and snowboarding, with the mountain’s difficulty ranging in difficulty from green to black. And, as the ski lift takes you up, you get a bird’s-eye view of the area’s natural beauty.

3. Sip sustainable cocktails at Hobo Hotel
What is a sustainable cocktail? It’s a cocktail that’s made with nearly zero waste. Even the bottles that contain the alcohol may be sent back to the factory to be reused. The Hobo Hotel offers these types of drinks, and they’re extremely exclusive, as only certain places in the world offer them. These kinds of drinks would help put a dent into all the waste if they were offered worldwide.

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4. Skansen
This unique museum is sure to appeal, because instead of being crammed through a tight building, visitors can explore the open-air facility with room to breath — the first one ever to do so. And, as if this park didn’t already sound amazing, they have a petting zoo within the grounds, as well.

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5. ABBA: The Museum
If you’re familiar with the song “Dancing Queen”, you should know that the group performing it is ABBA. This talented group from Sweden has made a great impact on music today. In this museum, you’re able to experience the world in which they lived. The popular Broadway show and movie, Mamma Mia, has songs based off of ABBA’s music, giving you all the more reason to go visit.

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By: John Conklin | Published on January 3, 2018

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