Five Australian Waterfalls to See
By Katherine Minski | Published on September 24, 2017
Five Australian Waterfalls to See

There’s no denying the beauty of seeing a waterfall completely enveloped by nature, untouched by the modern world. The sight ushers in a quiet reverence for what is being observed, quickly followed by elation at the beauty encompassing the viewer. The observer is taken out of this world and put into one that is filled with peace and quiet. All over the planet, there are breathtaking waterfalls to be found. One country filled to the brim with stunning nature and waterfall views is Australia, so we put a quick list together of our favorites.

1. Mitchell Falls, Kimberley Region, Western Australia
If you’re seeking to view a beautiful waterfall that is very off the beaten path, look no further than Mitchell Falls. You can only get to Mitchell Falls by using a vehicle with four-wheel-drive and a high clearance. As well as having limited access, this waterfall has very few facilities available to those who visit. Once you have reached the falls though, it’s all been worth it. The path that leads to the falls takes you past two other beautiful waterfalls. You can also choose to take a beautiful scenic flight from the campground to get to Mitchell Falls.

Five Australian Waterfalls© Neils Spicys

2. Millaa Millaa Falls, Millaa Millaa, Queensland
In Queensland, there is a waterfall that was created from volcanic basalt. This effect gives a unique texture to the backdrop of the Millaa Millaa Falls. This stunning waterfall is more visitor-oriented than others. There are bathroom facilities, concrete steps, and areas to picnic in. As one of the most photographed waterfalls in Australia, the view is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Five Australian Waterfalls© David Wei Wong

3. Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park, Nothern Territory
Feel as if you’re an adventurer going deep into the rainforest when visiting Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park. This waterfall is surrounded by a rainforest making it seem as though you’ve gone back in time. Florence Falls is comprised of multiple segmented tiers adding to the beauty of the cascading water. There is a viewing platform so you can see the valley surrounding the falls, on a nice day you could go for a swim in the waterhole, there are areas to picnic in, or you could follow a trail to take a leisurely walk around the area.

Five Australian Waterfalls© Fraggy

4. Killen Falls, Ballina, New South Wales
For those who want the thrill of adventure without having to trek through miles of dense vegetation, Killen Falls is the waterfall for you. Located in New South Wales, Australia, it is very simple to reach the falls. There are easy to follow directions to get you to the falls, a short drive and brisk walk will bring you to either the top of the falls or the swimming hole the bottom. There is a cave under the falls for exploring and on clear days many kinds of fish can be seen in the swimming hole.

5. Russell Falls, Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania
Russell Falls is one of the main highlights in Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania. Instead of being a straight drop, there are two main drops for the water to go down, making this a unique and intriguing experience any observer. One of the best qualities of this waterfall only comes out at night. If you so choose to talk a walk down the path by the waterfall at night and you happen to turn off your flashlight, it will all of a sudden seem like the stars have come down to visit you. The path travels by the homes of glow-worms causing it to look like your path is surrounded by starlight.

Five Australian Waterfalls© JJ Harrison

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By: Katherine Minski | Published on September 24, 2017

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