15 reasons to visit Hong Kong
By Adeline Tao | Published on May 25, 2018
15 reasons to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the hottest destinations in Asia right now. The exciting city life, delicious foods and colorful culture all point to this truth. Hong Kong’s location is a prime tourist spot, because you can see so much inside and at nearby islands. Without further ado, here are 15 reasons why Hong Kong should be one of your next adventures.

1. Dim sum
Dim sum had to be the number one reason because the dim sum here is no joke. Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine where servers push a cart full of steaming baskets of bite-sized morsels to your table. The portions are small, so you can try many different things. The usual suspects are juicy hargow, tasty shumai and gooey rice cakes. Dim sum can be enjoyed for hours as you chat, sip tea and pop delicious dumplings in your mouth. It is truly a warming experience to be shared with your loved ones.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_dim_sum© City Foodsters

2. Nightlife
Like with any big city, nightlife is important. And Hong Kong is certainly no exception. There are crazy parties every night on swanky rooftop clubs, or fun camaraderie at local bars. Right in the center of Hong Kong is the Lan Kwai Fong area, and that is your destination if you want a wild night with happy people filling the streets.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_nightlife© Rise

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3. Economy
In general, Hong Kong’s economy is booming. In recent years, this small dot on the map has become a major international financial and trade center. Every year, their economy pushes Asia to the forefront. Thus, it is a great reason to visit Hong Kong today for a taste of Asian modernity. You will see huge skyscrapers and busy working adults bustling around in this impressive metropolis.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_economy© Sebastian Dahler

4. Street Food
A good destination is not one without a great street food scene. Hong Kong is no exception. Roam stalls of delicious skewers, dumplings, pastries and more lining local streets. Find the ones with the most people, and you’ll know for sure you will have a tasty meal.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_street_food© Andy Enero

5. Fairs and Festivals
All year round, Hong Kong has tons of fairs and festivals to excite all age groups. It starts of with Chinese/Lunar New Year celebrations in January/February which can last for more than two weeks. In the middle you have the exciting and competitive Dragon Boat festival, and in October there is the Mid-Autumn Festival where you can eat as many mooncakes as you want without judgment.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_festival© Ricky Tang

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6. Subway System
The subway system in Hong Kong, called the MTR, is a fast, sleek and incredibly efficient mode of transportation. It can get you to anywhere from anywhere, on time and for a cheap price. What’s more is that there are essentially underground malls too, with shops and restaurants that rival any above ground. The nicest feature is the extreme cleanliness and safety of these lines.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_subway_mtr© Steve Webel

7. Disneyland
Hong Kong is the home to the smallest Disney park in the world! At a mere 311 acres (compared to the 25,000 acre stretch in Orlando, Florida), Hong Kong Disneyland is a fun day-trip for any traveler. Go with kids, your partner or just by yourself, a day in magic will guarantee to put a smile on your face without tiring you out too much.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_disney© Mark Lim

8. Ocean Park
Looking for more fun play? Hong Kong’s other famous amusement park is Ocean Park. It features aquariums with thousands of interesting fish and entertaining dolphin shows. But don’t let the name fool you – there are also other animals to see, such as a well-loved panda exhibit, a toucan theater and a cute Australian animal area. Finish the day with thrilling rides for the whole family!

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_ocean_park© Xi Quin Hosilva

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9. History and Culture
Hong Kong has quite an extensive history, dating back to its role as a trading center in Imperial China. Further down the line it was a British Colony, and today Hong Kong is an autonomous region. Over the years, Hong Kong has absorbed many different cultural influences of Mandarin, Cantonese, British, Hakka, Fujian and Shanghai to create a unique culture of its own.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_history_culture©  仁仔 何

10. Shopping Malls
Modern Hong Kong is all about the shopping scene. It’s not uncommon to find glittering malls that are over eight floors, filled with stores carrying everything you could possibly want. From high-end luxury brands like Gucci to small convenient stores that you can get cute souvenirs from, Hong Kong’s malls have it all.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong__shopping© Barny Z.

11. Hiking
If you want to escape the busy city for a bit, Hong Kong has many beautiful hiking trails around its perimeter. The best surprise is at the top of these trails, where you can see an expansive view of Hong Kong beneath. Try hiking up The Peak, Beacon Hill or Sunset Peak for a healthy workout and a stunning reward at the end.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_hiking_skyline© John L.

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12. Cable Cars
Not a hiker? Take one of Hong Kong’s amazing cable cars across luscious green hills. The ride is around 25 minutes and takes you over Lantau Island, but from so up high you are able to see across the land to other islands in the distance. The views of greenery plus city metropolis are unbeatable. This is perfect for anyone who loves nature … but doesn’t love too much walking.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_cable_cars© Francisco Anzola

13. Big Buddhasmyb
Tian Tan Buddha is the official name of this ginormous statue. At 112 feet tall (34 meters), it’s no wonder why it is nicknamed the Big Buddha. This is located on a nearby island called Lantau Island, and is a major tourist attraction in that area. Buddhists visit to pay their respects, but tourists can also venture up the steps to marvel at a symbolic and important piece of work.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_big_buddha© Jenna Djon

14. Victoria Harbor
The Victoria Harbor is one of the most famous landmarks in Hong Kong, and for good reason. It has a spectacular view of the skyline both day and night. And always at 8 p.m., the Symphony of Lights start and viewers are dazzled with a beautiful showcase of lights and music from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. A spot at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade makes for a perfect view.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_victoria_harbor© Lee S.T.

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15. Location
Since Hong Kong is an island right by the coast of mainland China, it’s a great point to travel to other nearby places. Of course, China is right next door, where you can easily visit Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Additionally, there are dozens of tiny islands surrounding the main Hong Kong area. The most famous ones are Lantau Island and Lamma Island, since they’re the biggest.

15_reasons_to_visit_hong_kong_islands© Kevin Tao

As you can see, Hong Kong is definitely a force to be reckoned with. If you are up for an exhilarating trip of busy city life, delicious local foods and breathtaking views, then Hong Kong is the next destination for you.

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