Five Budget-Friendly Destinations
By Kelsey Hildin | Published on October 6, 2015
Five Budget-Friendly Destinations

Going on vacation should be exciting, not stressful. Worrying about how much money you’ll be spending will stifle the carefree mentality that should come along with taking time off. Remember, memorable adventures are not out of reach for people on a tight budget. Below is a list of places worth considering if you want to get more bang for your vacation buck.

1. Canada
One American dollar can buy about 1.25 Canadian dollars in the current market, making Canada a vacation destination worth looking into if you want your money to go far. However, this is more of a timely bargain than a regularly cheap venture. It has been some time since the American currency was this much stronger than its northern neighbor’s, so taking advantage of this opportunity should be enticing. The added potential to save on travel costs comes with the option for Americans to drive to Canada instead of flying.

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2. Colombia
This South American location has also experienced a recent depreciation of their currency, making it a more budget-friendly destination than in the past. Reasonable airfare and hotel rates paired with a beautiful landscape to explore (jungles, beaches and a vibrant nightlife) make Colombia an exciting destination to visit. This growing country has been experiencing significant growth along with economic and cultural progress. Getting in on the action while the American dollar is still strong there is something to consider.

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3. Italy
Although it may seem surprising that a European country is on this list, right now is actually the perfect time to make a trip across the pond. Many currencies in the eurozone have lost value, and the dollar can buy more now than it could in the past. Now is the right time to buy if you’ve always wanted to travel to Europe but thought it was out of reach. Italy, in particular, offers competitive airfare prices, and the landscape and architecture are attractions in themselves (free ones at that).

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4. The Adirondacks
One of the most budget-friendly solutions to vacationing is simply enjoying the great outdoors. Often not far from home, there are a multitude of ways to take advantage of the nature all around you, and at a low cost. The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York offers stunning views, hiking trails, spectacular fall foliage, fresh air and camping grounds, all for close to nothing. Whether you’re looking to relax or be active on your vacation, the Adirondacks offer the best of both worlds.

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5. Chicago
At first glance, the Windy City is an unlikely candidate for budget-friendly destinations, but cities in general can be great places to visit if you want to avoid extra travel expenses. Being able to walk wherever you want to is an underrated benefit of vacationing in an urban center. Chicago, in particular, happens to have many free attractions, including the Navy Pier and the Lincoln Park Zoo, among other unique activities at tourists’ disposal. An added plus is knowing that dinner out on the town won’t break the bank, because dining is not as overpriced as it is in other popular cities.

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As a general rule, traveling will always be more affordable during the off-season, so doing some research can really pay off. Check to see what time of the year the place you want to go to is least frequented by other tourists. Chances are you will still get the same great experience, just at a better price (and with less crowds!).

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By: Kelsey Hildin | Published on October 6, 2015

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