Five International Big-Room Clubs
By Dong Seong Lyu | Published on September 3, 2017
Five International Big-Room Clubs

After touring American big-room clubs, it’s time to take the party international. For those with an itch to travel and a desire to meet new people, there is a long list of international club-goers anticipating your arrival at some of the hottest big-club rooms around the world, but here’s a few of our favorites.

1. Illuzion
Although not as well known as other mainstream club rooms, Phuket’s Illuzion continues to amaze by twisting expectations. Thailand’s nightlife district hosts this abandoned shopping mall, revolutionized to be the number one spot in the land to go to for a memorable night filled with friends and drinks. A 5000-square-meter auditorium busts out music that you can shake your body, creating an atmosphere on par with the world’s best. Bringing the beast out in all of us, Illuzion routinely blasts off carbon dioxide rockets to cool off the crowd, as well as generate holographic light illusions that’ll keep you mesmerized. Unlike the clubs in America, you’ll be especially popular if you bring out the b-boy moves you may have had back in high school.

2. Bo-18
Designed to look like an actual bomb shelter, Bo-18 in Beirut has the right theme for some big-room music. Buried underneath a parking lot, Bo-18 emits this mysterious sense of paranoia long before you step inside. Unlike the mysterious speakeasies of the 1960s or the underground hip hop clubs depicted in Hollywood movies, Bo-18 offers an interesting take on an underground club, with its unique retractable roof that allows people to dance under the stars.

3. Zouk Singapore
If you have been to Singapore in the past, then there’s a high chance that you’ve come across Zouk Singapore. Popular among the locals, the club on Jiak Kim Street closed in 2016 due to an expired lease. After more than a year of silence, Zouk Singapore made a comeback in Clarke Quay, which is adjacent to the Singapore River. The interior of the club, incorporating elements of modern-neon art, makes clubgoers feel as though they have entered a different realm entirely.

4. Motion
In the heart of the cultural hub that is Bristol, England, Motion once operated as a skate park during day and transitioned into a club at night. Celebrating the rough industrial age within England, Motion has the fluidity to reflect that same industrial heritage, while maintaining various genres to keep the party people entertained.

5. Matahari
Best described by Dominic Toretto of The Fast and Furious franchise as, “This is Brazil!” Matahari is a testament to Brazilians dedication to a true party. The club conveys a sense of freedom, allowing clubgoers to absorb the internal theme of the jungle life in Brazil. The flowery decor, illuminated by LED lighting, reflects the natural beauty of Matahari. Those fighting off the urge to call it night will be easily persuaded to party a bit longer to witness the beautiful sunrise.

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By: Dong Seong Lyu | Published on September 3, 2017

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