Five Amazing Military Stations Travel Blog

Before deployment, enlistees browse through the Military Occupation Speciality book that details all the service positions. They'll be stationed at ...

September 5, 2017
Five International Big-Room Clubs Travel Blog

After touring American big-room clubs, it's time to take the party international. For those with an itch to travel and a desire to meet new people, there ...

September 3, 2017
Five Amsterdam Sights Travel Blog

Whether you're looking to find it's historical connections or just trying to enjoy the sights of the city, Amsterdam can be a great place to discover ...

August 21, 2017
Five American Big-Room Clubs Travel Blog

Whether you're bored at home or on a road trip, if you feel like enjoying the night at a club, these big room clubs are the best places to go to around ...

August 9, 2017
Five Unfrequented Parts of Japan Travel Blog

Although Japan is a small country, it's not the size of the area that matters, but it's the quality and culture of the country that makes it so ...

August 1, 2017
Five Malaysian Masterpieces Travel Blog

A country known for it's natural resources, booming economy and refreshing beauty, Malaysia captivates the individuals that sets their feet ...

July 13, 2017
Five Curaçao Vacation Locations Travel Blog

The Dutch Caribbean island, Curaçao, located near South America, is known to many islanders. Containing 35 beaches, 55 different cultures and ...

June 19, 2017
Five Belizean Beauties Travel Blog

“Beautiful Belize, a piece of paradise that was plucked from imagination, waiting to be ventured”, this is the thought that sparked my interest for ...

June 12, 2017
Four Cigar Spots in Cuba Travel Blog

For decades, the embargo against Cuba by the United States, had prevented Americans from buying Cuban goods. In 2014, that embargo was ...

June 1, 2017