Five American Big-Room Clubs
By Dong Seong Lyu | Published on August 9, 2017
Five American Big-Room Clubs

Enjoying music deep within a crowd of a big-room club’s dance floor is an experience that should be had by all. Peacefully uniting a group of human beings from all backgrounds under the universal language of music is special. America is home to some of the best big-room facilities in the world, so domestic travelers will have plenty of options to dance the night away in most major cities. While five clubs don’t even begin to scratch the service, here’s a short list of some of our favorites.

1. The Avalon
The Avalon is a nightclub that was established in 1927. Since it’s opening, the Avalon has consistently packing itself with club-goers under the music of world-class deejays. The dress attire, while upscale, doesn’t require you to overdress, however that doesn’t mean you should be wearing sandals or shorts. As one of Hollywood’s most historic landmarks, you should definitely check this one out.

2. XS
A nightclub that would seemingly be in a dream, Encore’s XS is Las Vegas’ party central. Within the waves of club-goers, the euphoric atmosphere routinely extends deep into the night. The beautiful interior design encasing the club only adds to the aura created by some of the best DJ’s to ever grace the decks.

3. Output
Sunset views overlooking New York City, body-rocking speakers and no VIP, what’s not to like? Output, in Brooklyn, has one of the best sound systems in the world, one that’s been estimated to cost over a million dollars. With three levels, including the roof, there’s plenty of room to roam. With their eye always on club goer’s privacy, be sure not take pictures inside the club, you might not get a warning before getting kicked out. Output truly is a pure-bread reflection of NYC’s fast, upbeat representation of the “city that never sleeps”.

4. Beta Nightclub
Took a trip to Denver for a quiet night in the mountains, but started to get a little bored? Beta Nightclub has everything to turn your night up. Having been labelled as the “best club in the country” by various DJ’s and visitors alike, the clubs fun-loving, music-filled atmosphere will leave you wanting more. Beta also gives you the option of resting in it’s Beatport Lounge area, ideal for a quick regroup before diving right back in the heated dance floor. Beta is constantly evolving with the ever-changing dance culture, so if you comeback it might not be the same layout as you left it.

5. Story
We’ve taken you to clubs across the country, but nobody knows how to party quite like the South. This Miami nightclub will definitely knock your socks off, making you lose control of your body rocking to the beats. Story is on the top of the list when it comes to nightclubs in Miami. With 27,000-square feet of space and equipped with an Infinite Hybrid Sound System, Story shakes from it’s own sound, while it rumbles from the crowd’s dancing feet.

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By: Dong Seong Lyu | Published on August 9, 2017

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