Five Mountain Climbing Vacations
By Jon Goldfarb | Published on March 22, 2016
Five Mountain Climbing Vacations

As the winter chill breaks and spring’s outdoor friendly weather rolls in, it’s time to unshackle from that cabin fever and take in some fresh air. One of the best activities for this is hiking and for the more adventurous, mountain climbing. We’re going to explore five different mountains across the United States that are perfect anyone who wishes to see the world from a natural perspective every once in a while.

1. Mount Rainier
Located in the Cascade Mountain Range, Mount Rainier has been used to prepare mountain climbers for even larger climbs. The trail offers different expedition seminars and summit climbs with prices ranging from around $1,700 to around $2,100. With safety always at a forethought for this type of adrenaline-packed activity, there are several mountaineering and crevasse rescue classes offered in addition. Despite the cost of some of these expeditions, it would truly be a memorable experience.

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2. Mount Mitchell
Set in North Carolina, Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain in the Appalachian Mountain Range. Possessing a rich history, Mount Mitchell State Park was created in order to preserve the mountain trails from possible construction in 1915. Some of the premier trails to hike and scale are the Commissary Trail and the Buncombe Horse Range Trail, offering, at times, challenging climbs, with leisure walks in between to catch your breath. If you’re ever in the Yancey County area, giving this mountain a visit will be well worth it.

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3. Mount Elbert
Coming in as the highest peak in Colorado, this mountain has five different routes for travelers to take, all leading to the main peak summit. Despite being the second tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, the Northeast Trail is an easy and safe trail to follow at first. One thing to note with the high elevation is the increased danger lighting poses to all hikers and climbers wondering through. For all Colorado traveling, nature enthusiasts, this mountain is the spot for you.

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4. Mount Whitney
One of the more challenging climbs on the list, Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the state of California, and in turn the highest peak in the contiguous United States. A staple for any avid mountain climber, it’s the most frequently scaled face in the Sierra Nevada. This route isn’t for the faint of heart, as altitude sickness is a real hurdle when scaling/hiking up to the summit of 14,505 feet.

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5. Mount McKinley or Denali
Capping off our list is one of the most challenging climbs in the world, Mount McKinley. With a summit elevation of 20,308, this behemoth is the tallest peak in all US territories, and a huge draw to all travelers to Alaska. Climbers must be extremely prepared and expertly skilled to ascend to the top, but the view for all that are successful is unparalleled. Widely known as one of the best routes, climbers are encouraged to follow the West Buttress path.

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By: Jon Goldfarb | Published on March 22, 2016

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