Five Places for Destination Weddings
By Katherine Minski | Published on December 18, 2017
Five Places for Destination Weddings

There are so many beautiful locations around the world for a destination wedding. You can choose almost any climate or environment, and you’ll be able to find a place to have a wedding that fits your criteria and dreams. There are islands, quaint little towns, large cities, remote deserts and more, all containing the opportunity to help you create one of the most magical days of your life your way. The following are a few suggestions that came to our mind to give you a little bit of a starting point.

1. Lake Placid, New York
When thinking of planning a wedding in a place like the Adirondack Mountains, most people think of a winter wedding. But, places like Lake Placid, New York can be the scenery for a wedding in each season. If you go in the fall, the gorgeous color of the changing leaves will serve as your backdrop, and in the spring, the lakes, streams, and waterfalls come to life. And, when you think about it, summer sells itself too. Lake Placid is definitely a beautiful and versatile location to choose as your wedding destination.

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2. New Orleans, Louisiana
If you’re looking for a more affordable, but still gorgeous, place to have your wedding, look no further than New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s beautiful architecture and high energy make it a great location. The buildings are heavily influenced by French and Spanish styles, and the to-die-for cuisine is heavily based off of traditional Creole dishes. With local customs and parades happening daily, it isn’t hard to make a wedding in New Orleans one to remember.

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3. Nevis, Caribbean
When most people think of the Caribbean, there’s a short list of islands that come to mind, but for an event as intimate as a wedding, not everyone wants to go to a place that will be filled with tourists. If that’s how you’re feeling, you should look into Nevis. This island has some of the best beaches, rainforests and reefs the Caribbean has to offer. There are plenty of activities on the island to keep your guests entertained when not at the ceremony or reception, as well.

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4. Amalfi Coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast in Italy is the perfect place for a couple who wants gorgeous views of the sea to be a part of their wedding, without having to deal with sandy beaches. And, on their way, visitors can take the Amalfi Drive which winds along the edge of a cliffside, offering stunning views of the water. There are also many opportunities for you and your guests to go on interesting adventures during the trip too. You can wander the streets of Naples Old Spacca Quarter, hop on a boat trip through the Blue Grotto right off of Capri or you can even visit the ruins of Pompeii.

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5. Loire Valley, France
When people think of France, most immediately think of Paris. While Paris is an absolutely stunning city, it’s very crowded and can get expensive. But, if you go just two-hours outside of Paris, you come upon the stunning Loire Valley, known for its beautiful castles, historic villages, delicious food and wine. When not occupied with the festivities, you and your guests can travel around the area and visit different historic sights, or even take a day trip out to Paris. Also, if you’re looking for a different kind of dessert to serve at your wedding reception, Loire Valley is known for its delicious upside-down apple tart called tarte tatin.

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By: Katherine Minski | Published on December 18, 2017

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