Five Places to Visit this Spring
By Anthony Pannullo | Published on February 21, 2017
Five Places to Visit this Spring

Spring break season is almost here. You may be late in deciding where to go or what to do during your time off. No matter when you take your vacation this spring season, these United States cities are certain to provide you with a memorable, event-filled vacation.

1. Washington, D.C.
While the Northern United States can still experience cold temperatures in March, the Nation’s Capital is already starting to warm up. History and politics fans will never run out of sights to see in the District of Columbia. During the middle of April, thousands of cherry blossoms bloom around the Tidal Basin between the Potomac River and Washington Channel. The National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place from March 20th through April 16th.

Stop by the memorials to Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while you are there. The National Mall is also a popular site. At the Mall, you will be at the center of some of our nation’s most famous landmarks: The Reflecting Pool, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capitol Building, and more. Stand in the footsteps of Dr. King as he delivered the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. This is the site of many presidential inaugurations, civil rights battles, and famous protest efforts.

The Earth Day Festival occurs just after the Cherry Blossom Festival during the week of Earth Day. Aside from the National Mall, the District is filled with museums, tour opportunities, and historic sites that are bound to provide you with a long-lasting piece of our nation’s history.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana
In 2017, Mardi Gras will take place on Tuesday, February 28th. This is a bit early for some of us, but The Crescent City offers much more than this annual celebration. For one thing, temperatures are much milder compared to the heat of the American South in summer. If the crowds, parades, and celebrations aren’t your style anyway, visiting later may be a better idea.

Explore the old-style Spanish and French architecture of the French Quarter. Take a walk down the cobblestone sidewalks and visit Bourbon Street. Discover a unique nightlife like no other where every day is Mardi Gras. Take yourself back to the Jazz Age at the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival from April 27th to May 7th, 2017.

3. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and North Carolina
For those who are not fans of the big cities, the Great Smoky Mountains may be a more quiet option. With miles of trails for hiking and sites for fishing and camping, this national park makes a fantastic country getaway. Beautiful mountains, diverse plants and wildlife, unique landscapes, and these are only the aesthetics.

Find a nice waterfall, explore the ruins of old structures, and enjoy the cool spring breezes. Dollywood is a theme park, water park, resort, and cabin campground located in Pigeon Forge. It generally opens in early March, while the water park is open from mid-May. Ride the Wild Eagle roller coaster, the Tennessee Tornado, and enjoy genuine Tennessee cuisine.

4. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Weather in the Grand Canyon region is least constant during spring and fall. This means that you will have to prepare for a wide range of temperatures and conditions if you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. Watch the wildflowers bloom as you gaze across one of the most breathtaking geological features in the United States and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Camping and lodging options are available. The park is most accessible by visiting the South Rim from Arizona Route 64.

While you’re there, take a day or two to visit Las Vegas, only four hours by road. The mild climate will offer a comfortable experience to explore The Strip. It is best to visit Sin City during the week in order to avoid the weekend crowds. Or you can do the opposite. Plan a visit to Las Vegas, and take a round-trip bus to the Grand Canyon.

5. San Francisco, California
The Bay Area enjoys a consistent weather and climate year-round. During the early spring months, you are more likely to catch a few rainy days with a cool ocean breeze. The scenic beauty of the hills, in addition to the architecture, is sure to make you feel as if you are in a city like no other. Large hills may create a challenge for seeing the city by foot, but luckily you will have the option of traveling via the iconic streetcars.

Purchasing a Go San Francisco card will grant you access to a variety of over 25 popular tourist destinations. Museums, aquariums, and more are available for a $65 package, less than paying at the gate! Similar to Washington D.C., San Francisco also has a Cherry Blossom Festival held in China town during April.

For sports fans, catch a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park. As far as restaurants go, San Francisco has more restaurants per capita than any other major U.S. city. San Francisco embraces diversity, culture, and inclusion. Cross the Golden Gate, tour the diverse neighborhoods, and enjoy the stunning and unique atmosphere of the Bay Area.

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By: Anthony Pannullo | Published on February 21, 2017

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