Five Things to do in London
By John Conklin | Published on November 7, 2017
Five Things to do in London

London is full of activities that are different than a regular city. This heavily populated metropolis has visitors on their feet doing activities throughout their visit. London’s uniqueness comes in part from its hundreds of years of history, but what really separates it is its famed architecture. Below are five things to do in London, but don’t just limit it to these, the city is full of activities that can be experienced in every direction.

1. Big Ben (Westminister)
What’s the first national monument that comes to mind when thinking about London? Big Ben is probably in the top two, because we’re all familiar with this historical clock tower. If we’re being honest, a trip to London really isn’t complete without seeing this historical monument up close. Big Ben, located in Westminister, was constructed in 1859, but has had various different renovations over the years to preserve it. Currently, the clock tower is off for its most recent renovations, but that doesn’t mean travelers can’t visit and walk past this famed structure.

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2. Fire Hazard Games: City Dash
Ever want to go around solving realistic mysteries, or take part in an adventure kind of like The Amazing Race? London’s own City Dash allows you to explore this great city by finding and solving clues. This tour allows you to act as a hero, but be careful and keep your head on a swivel, as enemy agents are on the lookout to find you. This game does involve strategic planning and moderate-to-intense exercising (you will run), so it’s not really all that relaxing for those in “vacation mode”.

3. Wembly Stadium
Wembly Stadium is an old stadium that first opened in 1923, but the original stadium home to the 1948 Olympic Games is no longer, as it was torn down and rebuilt a decade ago. Wembly Stadium is mainly used for soccer, but has received attention from sports all over the world. The National Football League has tried expanding its audience overseas here, as well as several other international sporting leagues. It doesn’t matter which sport (or concert) you prefer, come and experience an event here while in town.

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4. Harry Potter Tour, Warner Bros
If you haven’t already heard, Harry Potter is a fantastic book and movie series that’s now come to life for fans all over the world in Warner Bros very own Harry Potter tour. England is the actual setting for Harry Potter, so the tour will make you feel as if you really are in the wizarding world. This tour will transport you to Platform 9 ¾, as well as other unimaginable places from the series. Guided tours are also provided for those muggles that can’t find their way around this magical escape.

5. Sherlock Holmes Museum
Here’s another book and movie series that can be experienced and enjoyed by many in person. If you don’t know already, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional story of a detective who solved the hardest of mysteries by figuring out clues that even London’s most intelligent people couldn’t figure out. Since it’s a classic book set in London, it was only necessary to make a museum acknowledging his accomplishments here.

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By: John Conklin | Published on November 7, 2017

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