Five historic destinations in Washington D.C.
By Amanda Stutz | Published on January 27, 2019
Five historic destinations in Washington D.C.

If you’ve ever wanted to catch a glimpse of the place where the President of the United States lives, or wanted to view the Capitol Building, home of the United States Congress, then you must visit the capital of the Land of the Free. It’s a city that’s not only filled with history, but patriotism. With plenty of free museums to visit, and many other historic destinations in Washington D.C. to discover, a fun-filled time is guaranteed wondering throughout the city.

1. Lincoln Memorial
The location where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his awe-inspiring “I Have a Dream” speech, the Lincoln Memorial is the first stop one should make when visiting Washington D.C. The exact spot that King stood in while making this famous speech is even marked on the cement. As for Lincoln himself, his Gettysburg Address is engraved into the wall next to his statue. The Lincoln Memorial is one of the historic destinations that has been often used in pop culture, such as when Jenny in Forrest Gump ran through the Reflecting Pool!

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2. Vietnam War Memorial
Since Vietnam was one of the most brutal wars in American history, visiting the Vietnam War Memorial is heart-wrenching for many. It is highly recommended not to talk to others when visiting this memorial, in honor of the brave men and women who died in this gruesome war. The memorial is purposely reflective, in order for people to read the names and understand that the casualties from this war are not just numbers. They were human, just like the people visiting the memorial.

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3. National Museum of American History
Being that the National Museum of American History is a Smithsonian, it is free to enter. This museum has everything from the Batmobile that was use in the Batman 1989 movie, as well as the original Star Spangled Banner flag. One of the most notable sections of the museum is an exhibit where you can view all of the dresses that have been worn by each First Lady at the Inauguration Ball. Overall, this museum is a must-visit during your trip to the nation’s capital!

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4. World War II Memorial
Surrounded by a huge water fountain, the World War II Memorial is one of the more attractive memorials, as well as larger than the other war memorials. Each US state and territory is engraved on a separate pillar. There is a clear view of the Washington Monument, as well as a distant view of the White House. Similar to the other war memorials, the World War II memorial serves as a reminder to Americans that men and women fought to preserve our freedom.

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5. Korean War Memorial
If you are already visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial is only a five-minute walk away. It contains a Pool of Remembrance, which has inscriptions listing the soldiers that were killed, wounded, missing in action, and held as prisoners of war. There are 19 statues that inhabit the memorial, which represent soldiers from all of the military branches. This is one of the historic destinations that is worth the visit, whether you are a history nerd or not.

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