Five United States Cliff-Jumping Locations
By Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on March 20, 2017
Five United States Cliff-Jumping Locations

Across the country, America holds tons of beautiful cliffs with stunning waterfalls — everyone has to visit at least once and capture the surreal scenery. Hiking or casually walking across hundreds of feet-high cliffs, once you’ve reached the top of a cliff, the view is breathtaking. No photo on earth can actually surpass experiencing the moment itself and gazing at a view so amazing and astonishing standing up high on the mountains. Rather than hiking up the cliffs, people search to find cliffs high enough to jump off of and dive into refreshing water. The following five locations are among the best in the United States to go cliff jumping.

1. Havasupai Falls, Arizona
Located right outside of the Grand Canyon in Coconino Country at the southwest corner is the Havasupai Reservation. The place is a plateau country, dissected with deep, scenic canyons characteristic of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Hikers walking through the Grand Canyon are often in search for the falls, because of its beautiful blue-green waterfalls. A crystal-blue water fall with an extreme 125-foot drop — falls this high tempt people to dive off of it and plummet into the water. However, this 125-foot drop falls is dangerous, but doesn’t stop people from testing it out.

2. Kahekili’s Leap, Hawaii
Kahekili’s Leap is a rock ledge on Lanai’s south shore. The area was where King Kamehameha’s warriors proved their bravery by jumping off of the 80-feet cliff and into the ocean. It’s a steep rock face, but the rocks at the base extend to about 15-feet outwards and the water is only nearly 10-20 feet deep. Not to mention that the ocean’s bottom is very rocky, which can be dangerous for cliff-jumpers. This cliff is one among few that gained its first prominent attention. It’s also a main attraction for tourists to hike as well as jumping off of.

3. Crater Lake, Oregon
As for one of the seven Wonders of Oregon, Crater Lake promises beautiful views and amazing experiences when visiting. Some of the mountains surrounding the lake are roughly about 2,000-feet high, but there are also cliffs that are about 10-20 feet high to jump off from. Hikers should visit Crater Lake to enjoy climbing up the cliffs and even taking ski trips up there during the winter months and watch snow create a white blanket over the mountains. The lake is usually open all year round for people to visit and snap photos of the scenery. It’s also the deepest lake in America and the National Park Service even offer serious warnings about jumping off of the cliff.

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4. Lake Powell, Utah
Technically Lake Powell is located in both Arizona and Utah, because it starts up in northern Arizona and stretches into southern Utah. It’s also part of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Powell goes for roughly 2,000-miles long and includes beautiful views of both sunsets and sunrise. The weather there is always perfect, so you can visit Lake Powell any time of the year. The area is mostly known for jumping off of their large cliffs, even though it’s prohibited to jump off any taller than 15 feet. There are even some cliffs that go for 70-feet high.

5. Malibu Creek, California
The Malibu Creek is preserved in the Santa Monica Mountains stretching from Boney Mountain to Malibu Lagoon. The 8,215-acre park was established in 1974. The creek is 25 miles (about a one hour drive) from downtown Lose Angeles. It goes for 15 miles of streamed trails through oak and sycamore woodlands on chaparral-covered slopes. For breathtaking views of the Las Virgenes Valley and Malibu Canyon, the Malibu Creek is the ideal place for hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, cliff jumping and much more. The creek features 20- to 70-foot jumps and the water depth is safe for all cliff jumpers.

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By: Jacqueline Hanikeh | Published on March 20, 2017

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