Five Weird New Jersey Spots
By Amanda Stutz | Published on September 1, 2017
Five Weird New Jersey Spots

The Garden State is well-known for abandoned buildings, eerie roads, and mysterious sections of woods that are said to be … “haunted.”  Weird New Jersey is a magazine that discusses the various experiences individuals have at places throughout the state that are considered supernatural or haunted.  These Weird New Jersey spots are not only popular around Halloween, but any time of the year, even during the daytime.  If you enjoy adventures, visiting any of these places are worth your time, if you live in New Jersey or out of state.

1. Clinton Road
This 9-mile long road is located just off of Route 23 in West Milford.  It is undoubtedly one of the most popular Weird New Jersey destinations.  There are quite a few legends that come to mind with Clinton Road.  Firstly, before getting onto the road, one will wait at the longest traffic light in America, which is five-minutes long.  There are a few houses in the beginning of the road.  However, after a few minutes, it becomes mostly desolate.  The part of the road where many stop is called Dead Man’s Curve.  Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the lake, a “Ghost Boy” will throw it back to you.

Not only are there stories involving cults, but notable killers have been said to dump their victims along this windy road.  There has been one recorded case of this actually being true.  Be careful if you see a white Camaro or pickup truck following you on this road, as this is one of the legends that visitors have experienced!

Weird New Jersey© Andrew Leahey

2. Greystone Psychiatric Hospital
Greystone was an overcrowded mental institution that was located in Morris Plains, New Jersey.  After multiple cases of sexual abuse, patient suicides and other kinds of violence, it closed in 2008.  However, that did not stop people from visiting it to take photographs and explore the empty mental hospital, although it was considered trespassing.  Photographs display eerie messages written on the walls by patients, which tell the story of the life they endured at this frightening place.  It was demolished in 2015.

Weird New Jersey© Jonathan Haeber

3. Pine Barrens
The Pine Barrens is located in South Jersey and can be seen from the Garden State Parkway.  It stretches across seven counties, including Burlington, Ocean, Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Gloucester and Cumberland.  The Jersey Devil is said to lurk here and has supposedly been seen on multiple occasions.  The legend is that a Pines resident in the 18th-century gave birth to this creature, which was her thirteenth child.  Despite the legend of this odd, birdlike creature, the Pine Barrens is a popular attraction for hiking and camping, for those who are curious to see if the folklore is true.

Weird New Jersey© Jim Lukach

4. Shades of Death Road
Sometime just referred to as “Shades,” Shades of Death Road is a seven-mile long road located in Warren County.  Similarly to Clinton Road, there are a few houses in the beginning, but the majority of it is desolate.  There were three gruesome murders committed along this road in the early 1900s.  Furthermore, since it is a windy road, fatal car accidents have occurred here numerous times.  Shown in the photograph above, Ghost Lake is located off the road, south of the Interstate 80 overpass.  Visitors have stated that whenever they visit the lake late at night, it is always illuminated.  Whether you want to take a drive on this road at night or get out of your car to explore, this road less traveled is certainly worth a visit.

Weird New Jersey © Denise

5. Spy House
Officially called the Seabrook-Wilson House, Spy House is located in Port Monmouth in Monmouth County.  It was a tavern during the Revolutionary War for British troops.  Visitors have reported seeing apparitions while touring this historical house, thus paranormal experts deeming in the “most haunted house in America.”  However, tours to the public are no longer given, which made visitors even more suspicious.  As it is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Spy House is surrounded by a calm scenery.  This makes it not as eerie as other Weird New Jersey places, at first glance.

Weird New Jersey© Jackie

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By: Amanda Stutz | Published on September 1, 2017

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